Bet Your Life!

Bet Your Life!
Bet Your Life!

In the sleazy darkness of a neon-lit B-movie universe gone mad, the sweet Patience Pleiades goes on a high-stakes galactic TV talent show called "Bet Your Life!" If the audience at the depraved Circus Maxxx likes her, she will be sent on a lavish tour of the universe, performing all across the cosmos and enjoying a life of fame and luxury. If she loses, she will become the property of the Punishment Pits, enduring every extreme imaginable for the rest of her life... which, in this hellish future, might last forever. This pretty little singer might have to change her act a bit if she wants to prevail!

Tags: bondage, BDSM, f/f, lesbian, alien woman, monster girl, bondage machines, cocoon, impregnation, belly expansion, gag, forced orgasm, strip, strap-on, dildo, slaves, suspension, public, squirt, science fiction, science

Released July 26, 2022
15 pages + cover
Story by Extremist
Artwork by MisterEye

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