California Dreams

California Dreams
California Dreams

Shane, a California surfer-boy, indulges in a fantasy kidnapping at the hands of Ava, an exotic young woman he’s been dating, in the waning days of summer. A deserted private beach is the perfect place…and Ava wants to play. In fact, she seems to know exactly what to do. Caught up in the game, Shane is able to suspend his disbelief and fall into a state of feeling as if he’d truly been abducted. The expected results of their stirring game and the actual outcome, however, may be two different things.

Tags: bondage, roleplay bondage, f/m, femdom, love, fantasy, rope bondage, gag, wrestling, d/s

Released November 26, 2016
15 pages + cover
Story by J.L. Schade
Artwork by SednaStudio-LWJ

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