Superior Girl 3

Superior Girl 3
Superior Girl 3

Superior Girl has been taken from the auction by Mayor Fishy, an extraterrestrial alien with a fine taste for human sex slaves that is masquerading as the human mayor of a metropolis. Our heroine, weak from the endless orgasms she experienced at the hands of the Abductor, has begun to succumb to the pleasures of sexual slavery. As the last of her will is smothered in lust by Mayor Fishy and his three prized sex slaves, Superior Girl’s inner slut begins to take over her mind.

Tags: superheroine, bondage, collar, gag, strip, naked, non-consensual, dildo, slaves, leather, f/f, m/f, foursome, fivesome, alien

Released December 26, 2018
15 pages + cover
Story by DERB
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka
This issue is part of the Superior Girl series.

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