Tongue of Diplomacy 2

Tongue of Diplomacy 2
Tongue of Diplomacy 2

Bernadette de Rieux, special agent on the French Queen’s secret service, heads to Istanbul, the luxurious capital of the Ottoman Empire, to rescue a fellow spy. Time is of the essence as dark forces aim to ruin relations between the two nations! Will Bernadette stop their evil plot... or will she disappear without a trace, just like her predecessor?

Tags: bondage, bdsm, ballgag, gag, blindfold, rope bondage, chain bondage, dominated domme, torture, peril, non-consensual, damsel in distress, revenge bondage, period piece, renaissance, f/f

Released December 26, 2022
15 pages + cover
Story by ugiel
Artwork by Exemi
This issue is part of the Tongue of Diplomacy series.

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