A Marooned Pirate

It was her sixth day on the island when a marooned pirate named Lady Black found herself in a punishing situation.

Six tentacles arose from the murky water, grabbing hold of her limbs so tightly that she could not even budge or resist, forcing her to accept the torment that was to come.

Four of them grabbed her limbs. As they stretched her legs in excruciating directions, Lady Black closed her eyes and bellowed in pain. Her hands, often used to get her out of sticky situations, were rendered useless as they were tied by two more of the strong Kraken's tentacles. The remaining tentacles only served to add insult to injury, fondling her breasts and messing with her thighs.

It wasn't a matter of when the pain would end for her, it was a matter of how much it would grow. Even an experienced pirate such as she had her limits, and she eventually submitted.

She weakly moaned, signalling the Kraken to bring her down to the ocean.

Story by Ornel
Artwork by Shonemitsu, Slasher

High resolution (2480x3508)

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