Abby is Bound, Gibbs is Not Amused

"Paperwork. That was the true enemy," thought Timothy McGee, Special Agent of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

It was a quiet day at the office. His boss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was outside with the rest of the squad. McGee was supposed to be on his fifth vacation day, but they needed his input on several reports. So he instead went straight to his desk and started working, hoping to finish them before lunch. All of that would be postponed when the young agent heard a shrieking voice over the phone.

“McGee! Get over here!”

And he did.

Gibbs may be the one they called boss, but all in NCIS knew who was “the favorite”. The female who must be obeyed or else. Abigail Sciuto. Many phrases could be used to describe her. Happy goth girl. Beautiful forensic scientist. But when McGee arrived at Abby’s lair one floor under his desk, he had another couple of words that he never thought would apply to his quirky friend: tied-up damsel!

McGee would never forget what he saw. Abby was wearing a white-ish blouse and a grey-ish micro skirt instead of her usual NCIS “uniform”, but that was not unusual. The difference was that she was tightly bound to a chair, with belts above and below her breasts, around her ankles and above and below her knees. More belts surrounded the middle of her thighs, with another belt just under her hips. Other belts joined in to bind her wrists and elbows, and several more made sure that her body would be firmly trapped in the chair. A black scarf covered Abby’s lovely eyes.

“Hurry up McGee! We have work to do!” The young agent woke from his momentary paralysis and scouted the lab with his eyes. They were alone. Abby did not sound like a damsel in distress, but she was stressed for some reason. The logical deduction was that the reason she was bound was starting to dawn on him.

“The Correa case?” asked Mc Gee. The smile from the goth scientist confirmed it.

Ada Correa was a Navy officer whose lover, Dana, was kidnapped by terrorists. The ransom was 10 boxes of explosives that Ada had access to as part of her job in a Navy weapons warehouse. According to Ada she delivered the explosives, but the terrorists tricked her and left her tied up before taking her sister with them. It had happened the last day before McGee’s leave and he was not with the team on the field, but Gibbs had mentioned what happened in general terms. McGee heard his boss as he explained the case... but he was far more interested in just finishing his paperwork and leaving for the day. Now, however, the Correa case had McGee’s full and undivided attention. The special agent had many questions, starting with the obvious one.

“You tied yourself up, Abby?”

The sigh was very audible.

“Stop asking stupid questions and help me! And I don’t mean untying me either. This was hard enough!”

McGee now knew that Abby had done this to herself, that it had something to do with the Correa case, and that she did not want him to untie her... but he still didn't know what HIS part in Abby’s little representation was. So McGee stood still and watched the beautiful scientist without saying a word.

Abby flashed a smile. “I feel your laser vision on my newer, bigger breasts. Nice, huh?”

It was the truth, although McGee tried to blurb a more polite explanation that could not escape his throat.

Abby sensed his flustered confusion and explained. “I used a little serum I've been working on to make mine bigger so that they match Correa’s. It'll only last for two days though, so don’t get used to them.” McGee knew that Abby was a scientist, but if she told him that she had a potion that could magically make breasts bigger he would believe that too. Miss Sciuto was always full of surprises and mysteries.

The special agent finally found his courage and demanded to know what was going on. Abby knew that she had toyed with him long enough, so she explained. She had a theory about the case. One which she had to test by herself.

“So why are there so many belts?”

“Gibbs' report was very precise,” Abby chirped. No surprise there. McGee had no doubt that Gibbs’ report included every belt, every blindfold and every…

“You have to gag me, McGee. Then, I need you to take photos from every angle while I struggle!”


“Correa was gagged, so you have to gag me.”

“And why didn’t you do it?”

Abby sighed once more.

“Because, if I was gagged, how would I call you to take pictures, silly?” Her logic was devastating. It was then that McGee first noticed the Bluetooth earpiece that enabled the tied-up Abby to call the special agent.

“Now, go to my desk and check the note.”

In a shelf on Abby’s stand-up desk were the objects that would go inside and over Abby’s mouth. That is, if McGee followed the instructions that the forensic scientist had left him. McGee took the sponge in his hand and realized what he was about to do: gag a tied-up co-worker inside a federal building!

“I-I can’t do this Abs. I'm sorry.” Mc Gee hurriedly placed the big blue spherical sponge back on the shelf.

“Oh, I see... no problem, McGee. You were my first choice, but maybe Di Nozzo will stop by and do me. Better yet, I should call Ziva! I’m sure she is no bondage virgin.”

Those words were designed to sting.

They did.

McGee had graduated from MIT and was an accomplished novelist, but he had always felt inferior to agents Anthony Di Nozzo and Ziva David. Di Nozzo had been a successful police officer before joining NCIS and becoming Gibbs second-in-command, while Ziva was the epitome of a scary Mossad agent. McGee had no doubts that either of them would gag Abby. Tony would do it just to gloat over McGee. And Ziva...? Well, she was capable of anything as far as McGee was concerned.

Abby tried to contain her laugh as she heard the young man's footsteps return to the desk.

“So, what do I do?” asked McGee, knowing that Abby had beaten him again.

“Just follow the steps in the yellow note,” said a triumphant Abby. The bright paper was hard to miss. It had the phrase GAGGING ABBY FOR DUMMIES at the top in very big letters. If McGee hadn't been so nervous he would have smiled at that. "Better to get on with it", he thought as he read the first step.

“1. Insert the blue sponge completely into my mouth”

"That's a really big sponge", thought McGee. Would it fit?

Sensing Mc Gee’s hesitation, the blindfolded girl responded: “I already gagged myself yesterday when I tested the procedure. I know it fits, so hurry up!” Abby opened her mouth as big as she could. The young man’s primal instinct finally took over. McGee had never been into bondage before today, but the sexual attraction of Abby tied in the chair was undeniable. He would never get a chance to do something like this again if he quit, so he pushed the blue spherical sponge deep into Abby’s mouth until it disappeared.

“2. Put 3 strips of tape over my lips.”

The strips of black electrical tape were already hanging from the shelf. McGee used the first one to cover Abby’s lovely lips, then the remaining strips to form an X over the first strip. With that finished, McGee checked out the note.

“3. Do ten turns of electric tape over my mouth,”

“Ten turns! Is that necessary?” McGee loudly exclaimed to an already gagged Abby. “Mmfff! MMMFFF!” said the gagged girl, which somehow prompted Mc Gee to continue reading the note, which said: “Yes, really. That was what Gibbs wrote, so that is what you are doing. 10 turns of tape! Get going!”

The fact that Gibbs had been so specific gave McGee validation. He was not doing anything wrong, he just recreating a crime scene. So he ripped the tape roll, put one end over Abby’s twice-gagged mouth and started. 1 turn, 3 turns, five turns, and then, once he finished, there were 10 layers of tape over Abby’s lips (plus the tape asterisk he had done in step 2).

McGee moved a step back to see Abby. He was actually kinda proud of what he had done now and was understanding why so many people thought that bondage was hot. At least, when its done with the right person. That said, McGee was not finished just yet…

“4. Use the blue scarf to cover the lower half of my face, including my cute nose. Then use the white scarf to cover my mouth. When you finish that, start taking pictures.”

McGee did as the note asked. At this point he had no hesitation. In seconds, Abby was silenced yet again with first a blue and then a white silk scarf. McGee ran to the camera and started to take pictures. They were both excited by the experience, with Abby's nipples in particular being very noticeable under her blouse. McGee still didn't know what Abby’s test would be, but he was enjoying the view.

Eight minutes later, the phone rang. McGee stopped, not knowing what to do. Abby could not say anything, of course. McGee panicked. If he did not take the call, someone might come down to find them, and that would be a disaster (especially for him)! He could see the headlines: "pervert agent ties NCIS co-worker, details at 11."

So McGee took the call. After a brief conversation, the call ended and McGee walked toward the bound and gagged forensic scientist. “Abby, that call was for me. They need me in Human Resources for some overtime paperwork. Should I untie you?”

Abby moved her head left to right to signal "NO." Whatever she was trying to do was not finished. Good. McGee didn't want to untie her at this point. Not yet. Unfortunately, he also didn't want to leave her alone, but that he had to do. “I will be back soon, OK? Don’t move.” As soon as the words left his mouth, McGee mentally kicked himself for such a dumb choice of words. Abby could move if she decided to. The chair was not too heavy and Abby was stronger than she looked. She had no doubt that she could jump and break the chair apart if she truly wanted to, but she rested. She would not admit it, but she was getting very aroused too.

Several minutes had passed with no sign of McGee. As this persisted, Abby’s remaining senses got more intense, with every little sound making her unusually nervous and excited. A sudden change in the air signaled the entrance of a human being in Abby’s lab. Abby hoped that it was McGee, but the odor of coffee as strong as tar was very familiar to her, even if she hadn't been blindfolded.

Abby hadn't expected Gibbs to drop by her lab today, but there he was. Gibbs had already put his coffee down on Abby’s desk as he took out his gun, assuming that an intruder had captured Abby and might still be in the room. Only when he was satisfied that there were no armed foes in the lab did Gibbs put the gun back into his holster. The senior agent then turned his attention back to Abby, who didn’t try to make a sound. She didn’t appear to be in distress, even with all her belts and gags. Gibbs also recognized the details of Abby's bondage. His gut told him this was no accident.

Gibbs used his left hand to remove Abby’s blindfold, while his right hand retrieved his cup of coffee. Gibbs was not about to let good coffee go to waste.

Abby was very surprised to see Gibbs’ stern face, even though she had smelled him. She wasted no time in using her infamous "puppy eyes" look in an attempt to get out of trouble. Gibbs responded with a quiet interrogation.

“Is this for the Correa case?”

“Mfff,” said Abby. She was trying to say "Yes." Then again, she knew that Gibbs was fluent in many languages. Maybe he also knew Gag-Speak? Oddly enough, despite this thought process, Abby was surprised to find out that Gibbs did indeed understand it.

“And what where you trying to accomplish here?”


Gibbs nodded his head. “OK, I get it, but you should not do this alone, Abs.”


“McGee? They told me he was in HR... Mmm."

Gibbs moved Abby’s chair so that she had a clear look at the door. He got a seat and started sipping his coffee.

“Let’s wait for Mc Gee together, shall we?”

Abby had never felt more terrified and excited in her life!

Story by Queospera
Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ

High resolution (2481x3508)

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