Adventurer's Conjuration Testing

Your archmage host needs your help testing her new spell. It's a variation on a classic web spell, but the intent is to conjure rope rather than sticky spider thread. Her ultimate goal is to make it a "smart" spell, able to wrap up and ensnare the caster's foes while leaving them and their allies unbound. Of course, for the purposes of this spell, you need to be designated as a "foe," but that's only to make sure you're properly being targeted by the ropes. She'd also need to get real up and close to you to test the selective nature of the targeting, but you've long since consented to that.

The spell seems to be a great success! You're securely bound, and she's completely free to do as she will with you.

Maybe there's a small disappointment that the spell didn't "malfunction." It would've been fun to be tied up together, but you can't really be mad at the results. You know how well she can tend to you while you're restrained like this.

Story by Hoshino
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (3300x5100)

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