Adventurer's Retirement

What's an adventurer to do when the campaign is over, when the adventure is done? Well, if you're young and still need room and board, you could always go and work for the Sorcerer General, the party's friendly mentor and quest giver!

Living alone in her manor, she could certainly use the company. Your party's grown pretty close to her over the course of your adventures, and she's taken quite the shine to you in particular. You could even give her a hand with a few of her experiments, whether it's keeping her study clean while she focuses on her work, or being willing to test out some of those new spells yourself. You two have gotten close enough to trust her to do that, yes? She wouldn't imperil you with her experiments, right?

And even then... a little distress might be fun. Keep some of that adventurer thrill alive!

Story by Hoshino
Artwork by Mauro Vargas, Joe Luengo, Lucía Rivera

High resolution (2550x3510)

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