Amorda Zadora's Cosplay Kidnapping

Some things you do for money, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Money pays for the cars, the latex cat suits, the custom made leather gags…

Some things you just do for fun, even it there is no profit in it.

This was one of the rare occasions when Amorda Zadora, the world’s greatest kidnapper for hire, did use her talents for free. It was a challenge issued by one of her minions (the busty Pantera). The challenge was to kidnap a dozen or more girls, in plain view. That was too simple for the masked kidnapper. Amorda made it harder. She would kidnap two dozen girls in front of thousands, and they would all be her!

Well, not exactly her, but close. The plan was to capture two dozen girls dressed just as Amorda! Now, when we say 'dressed', we mean using the very skimpy costume that masked Amorda's face and little else.

It didn’t take too much effort to sponsor an 'Amorda Zadora body double' contest at the Astounding Comics Convention. Over 90 girls showed up, even more than she expected!

Amorda was famous for her celebrity kidnappings, and anybody who saw her sexy costume would remember it forever. The anti-heroine was very popular online and many rumours about her had recently surfaced. Rumors that Amorda herself had propagated to get more cosplayers into the contest.

It was hard for Amorda and her minions to judge, so on the first part of the contest they decided to keep the 52 most beautiful and voluptuous cosplayers.

The con organizers and cosplayers had no idea that the real Amorda and her cat suited employees were anything other than enthusiastic fans of the world famous sexy rogue.

Another round was planned to take only two dozen girls and eliminate the rest, but Amorda was so enthralled by the cosplayers that she decided to keep them all. Her minions were not happy with transporting so many kidnapped girls, but Amorda was the boss, so they adjusted the plan.

Fifty very busty Amorda cosplayers were told to go to a room for the second part of the contest (which sleeping gas was then pumped into). Amorda’s girls (equipped with gas masks) started binding, gagging, and blindfolding the knocked out babes before putting them in boxes that would go into a truck which would transport them to Amorda’s lair. That was the easiest, but most time consuming, part of the plan.

In a separate room, Amorda had plans for the remaining two girls, which she considered to be the best of the cosplayers in both sex appeal and costume accuracy. This part of her scheme was riskier, but more fun. The cosplayers were told that they would be tested to see how bold they were. They would be bound and gagged in their skimpy Amorda costumes before walking thru the convention hall. If they could do it well enough, they would be given jobs as body doubles for the upcoming Amorda Zadora movie.

The girls accepted without hesitation, they even asked to be bound tight for real, not Hollywood style. The real Amorda was happy to oblige: she was going to tie them without mercy anyway. Their arms were tied hand to elbow, using plastic ties, then tape, then more plastic ties, and lots of turns of tape to cover fuse them. Their legs were free, of course. There was no way they could run in those high heeled black boots. For the last step, Amorda gagged them with huge ball-gags and black electrical tape.

“Let’s go girls. your public awaits” said the real Amorda as they exited the room. They took two hours for a walk that normally would take only 20 minutes. Everyone wanted photos of the sexy cosplayers and no one denied them. Not even Amorda. She was happy to do what she loved out in the open, so she posed for some photos as well.

No one questioned them and no one stopped them... just as the real Amorda Zadora had planned.

Finally, Amorda took the girls away from the public area thru a restricted door, which led them to one of the garages of the building. A cadillac with a huge open trunk was waiting, and so were two of Amorda’s loyal employees (the masked latex cat-suited girls known as Pantera and Jaguara). As soon as the girls went into the garage the minions covered them with black spandex sacks.

The cosplayers were dropped to the floor to continue their binding. Lots of long plastic ties were used to secure the legs of the girls, who were too surprised to act. More plastic straps were used for the upper body of each girl, unnecessary but aesthetically pleasing for Amorda. Each girl also received a leather blindfold, which was secured with 5 turns of tape. Amorda even put additional tape to gag the girls over their spandex sacks, another unnecessary touch (but it really added to their helplessness).

Amorda loved old Cadillacs because of their large trunks. Pantera and Jaguara put the girls inside the trunk with little difficulty. As she grabbed the spandex-covered breast of one of the girls the sweet sounds of their moans created doubts in Amorda. Did they at last realize that they were being kidnapped for real? Or did they still think that this was part of a bizarre audition? She would ask them later. Much later.

Amorda used her camera to take a pic of her new captives inside the trunk of the Cadillac. They would never forget this, she was sure of that much. Maybe they could be convinced to work in her organization after some extensive training... 'Body doubles are so much fun and useful', she thought as the trunk closed with a loud thud.

Pantera took care of the wheel with Jaguara riding shotgun as Amorda dropped to the back seat of the Cadillac. Seconds later, the garage door opened and the kidnappers were on their way. Pantera would argue during the trip that Amorda didn’t exactly kidnap all of the girls in plain view. Amorda didn’t mind. She would try again after collecting the ransom for the kidnapping of the Corcoran twins.

Meanwhile, her thoughts moved from kidnapped girls to food. What the main meal would be was undecided, but dessert had already been secured, oh yes!

Story by Queospera
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3508x2480)

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