An Interesting Way to Wake Up...

Annaro frowned as a familiar sensation woke her up. A damp sensation. She raised her head slightly and stared down at her crotch, expecting to see a dark stain there. She didn't expect to see her servant, staring up at her awkwardly.

"What are you doing?" She enunciated her words carefully.

"Um... Ah... Aw..." The Servant flubbed awkwardly, barely able to speak clearly with their thick, plump lips.

"You were hungry, weren't you?" Annaro felt a coy, malicious smile spread over her face.

"...Yeth..." Once again their answer was muffled by their own lips, but the desire was clear in their voice.

"Hmm..." Annaro pushed them off the bed and rose up from it, stretching lightly, "Well, bend over then." The Servant hesitated for a moment. So, she glared at them. An angry glare and nothing more. The Servant nodded before turning and bending over, bearing their soft, cushiony towards her.

Annaro smirked softly as she poured lube into her hands before massaging it over her cock. Training servants always took time. Time to break down their inherent stubbornness and inhibitions... but it was always worth it. She positioned her penis right next to the exposed ass and began to thrust, slowly at first but steadily quickening her movements. The Servant let out unconscious moans of joy as she moved, and Annaro felt a dark feeling rise up in her chest.

She grabbed the leash and tugged on it before smacking her palm into the Servant's rear, a sharp yelp echoing from the Servant's mouth as they glanced back in shock, watching as Annaro smacked away.

"This is because you were a bad little servant... trying to please yourself without telling me..."

She spanked again, and once more the Servant squeaked. Their expression was no longer shocked, but embarrassed. Well, it was only natural. Even when it was obvious, it was hard to admit when you were aroused by your own pain and humiliation...

Within minutes, Annaro was filling their belly with cum. Load after load, she shot into their belly. Gradually, it began to expand outward. Soon, the Servant was struggling to stand under the weight of their own belly.

But Annaro kept going.

She had plenty to give, and the Servant needed to be "punished" by taking it all.

Eventually, Annaro did give it all... and she ended up pulling out. At that point, the Servant was barely conscious. Their mind was so overwhelmed with pleasure that they were just gibbering softly to themselves in joy, as they relaxed over their cum-bloated belly. Annaro sighed to herself as she patted her unconscious servant's head. It was too often. She suspected that they did it on purpose... Not that she minded. It benefited both of them.

"Still...", she thought to herself as she walked out of the room, "I might need to start being a little more strict in the future..."

Story by SV-Writer
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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