Big Bonds for Bigger Boobs

'Mmmhgmmmm!' Rangiku cursed into the large red sphere that filled her mouth. She couldn't believe that she was in this sort of situation. Her power had been sapped somehow, possibly by the glowing collar around her neck. More drool spilled out from her mouth and down her chin, only causing her to become more frustrated with her situation.

She had been captured, stripped of all her clothing, and bound in this humiliating way. Her arms were completely useless, trapped inside the sleeve without her even being able to move her fingers. Her legs were bound to the infernal contraption that caused her infinite torture. If she struggled, then the horse would rock like crazy, causing it to dig into her sensitive spots. However, if she DIDN'T struggle, then the paddles behind her would continue to spank her harder and harder.

To make things worse, the large sphere that filled her mouth caused her jaw to ache and drool to spill down her chin... and onto her and Orihime's breasts. Not only could they not even move apart due to all the bindings holding them together, they were even forced to share the same ball-gag which made them practically kiss while forcing them to look into each other's eyes.

Rangiku hadn't seen her captors since they put her in this stupid predicament, and she was beginning to tire. 'Mggl hggggg hhgooo' she sputtered through her gag to no one in particular.

Suddenly, she let out a yelp as the paddle hit her in the rear, reminding her to keep struggling. She started to ride the horse yet again, which was painful... yet also good in a weird way.

Orihime wasn't fairing any better. She had also had her powers canceled out and was unable to do anything but uselessly struggle and drool through her gag. She was extremely tired, her spirit slowly breaking. Whenever Rangiku struggled, she was forced to move as well and ride the horse. Sweat covered her body in this steamy room and her massive breasts continually pushed up against Rangiku's even bigger breasts (much to her embarrassment). Her drool was mixing with Rangiku's and she was starting to succumb to the growing feeling in her lower chest.

Orihime hoped that someone would save them soon, but she knew deep down that no one knew they were here.

The two of them could only continue to moan, struggle, and ride the wooden horse until their captors decided to release them...

Story by halocat2
Artwork by Altercomics-Gabriel Rearte

High resolution (5023x3200)

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