Bow Before The Dark Dragoon

'Mmnnnff!' Eris whined into her gag, her eyes squinted in the wind blowing across her face, as she was being flown to the destination that threatened to be her new home.

Her erstwhile opponent (and captor) smirked down at her as she kept them both stable atop her dragon with one arm on the reins. 'Still fighting, are you? Did you not learn from our previous battle? Have these black wings not yet beaten you into submission?'

Eris struggled in her bonds and murmured an impressive (if incomprehensible) string of protests into her gag, all the while glaring up at the dark armoured dragon rider.

Forte chortled, and let her arm slack underneath Eris. 'While I admire your mettle, you should probably refrain from thrashing out of my arms when yours are unable to hold on.' With a special tug on the reins, Forte's mount began to dive, causing Eris to shift in Forte's arms, shrieking before Forte held her close again to ensure her safety.

Well, to prevent her from falling at least.

'Hmph. You offered me liberation, a release from suffering... how loaded your words were. After all, what actual liberation could you offer the Dark Dragoon, ruler of the skies?' Forte looked Eris in the eyes, her lips curling back so that her smirk showed teeth. 'Still, how amusing, my liberator now made a permanent prisoner. The one seeking to release the world from suffering now destined for quite a different sort of suffering.'

The wind blew across their faces. Eris's mewl came from both that and the realization that there was no escape for her. She squeezed her eyes shut, shuddering from the chill of the wind and the anxiety in the pit of her gut... and then from her captor's gauntlet-clad hand brushing against her clothes with disarming tenderness.

'Do not despair, holy woman. Dragons are known for admiring and protecting their treasure with their lives. And I've just added the most beautiful jewel to my collection.'

'Mmmmpphh....' Eris moaned, and leaned into Forte's chest for support as the dragon picked up speed, racing towards Forte's home--HER new home. There was nothing left for her to do, now, but lie back and accept her new destiny.

For her, liberation would never more be at hand.

Story by Hoshino
Artwork by SednaStudio-Ao

High resolution (1748x1240)

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