Captured Fairies

"Mgmmmmmmmmgnooddd" Irene let out a mighty roar.

Or at least she would have if her mouth wasn't stretched to the max and filled by a huge red sphere. She was unable to break it or push it out with her tongue due to its immense size. She also couldn't summon any of her massive strength due to the posture collar that was somehow sealing away her magic. The ball gag caused her to drool all over herself (which she hated but was helpless to stop).

The toys inside of Irene sent her into yet another shattering orgasm (she had lost count of how many it had been at this point) that resulted in her pulling and writhing against her bonds even more, in turn causing her horse to rock wildly. The nipple clamps that were attached to the horse sent her into an extra frenzy as she came down from her orgasm and felt the brunt of it. She tried to pull against her bonds even more, but moving her head only pulled the crotch rope tighter, which only made her sensitive areas even more uncomfortable.

She wasn't sure how much longer she could hang on, but a quick glance to her left told her that Erza and Mirajane weren't fairing any better. Mirajane had given up long ago and Erza seemed to be reaching her breaking point. The occasional moan or squeal would come out of their mouths as they drifted further away from reality.

Irene had to keep struggling. She had to get free. For them. For herself. This desire wasn't enough to overcome the massive bonds that restrained her though.

As she felt another knot of tension building up in her lower stomach, she cursed whoever had done this to her. She tried to give words of encouragement to Erza but all that came out were tiny and unintelligible squeaks.

She then started to formulate a rough plan on how she could get free, but just as soon as she did all thoughts or plans left her mind as she accidentally rode her horse towards another round of ecstasy.

Story by halocat2
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (2481x3507)

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