Captured Kages

Tsunade let out a huge groan as the second dildo was inserted into her butt. She couldn't believe the nerve of these goons that had captured her. She glanced over at Mei (who wasn't faring any better).

Neither could move at all and their hands were completely useless, encased in the massive amount of tape that they were in. Even Tsunade's insane strength was helpless against the bindings that restrained her. Her jaw was aching from the huge ball gag that they had forced into her mouth and the hood made everything somehow even more uncomfortable. The vibrating dildos they had inserted in her served no practical purpose, they were just to add insult to injury. Nonetheless, she was powerless to do anything about it.

However, that didn't stop the busty Kages from doing all they could to get free, even if it only looked like small squirms to their captors. Both women let out surprised squeals as blindfolds covered their eyes to leave them in total darkness.

Suddenly, they felt themselves being lifted up into the air... only to be immediately placed into what seemed like a small suitcase. The suitcase barely had enough room for the two women, thus pressing them up against each other. With the dildos already buzzing away, this meant that their breasts and hard nipples were now pressed up against the other's, much to their embarrassment (and secret delight).

They had no idea that the suitcase was being zipped up and shipped off to a far away land. They continued to struggle the entire journey, but they were completely helpless and were forced to enjoy the situation they had been forced into until they were able to get free.

Story by halocat2
Artwork by Amblagar

High resolution (3771x5328)

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