Captured and Tortured

Ash and Ela were finishing up training when it happened. As they were leaving the training centre, a van pulled up and grabbed them both before they could do anything.

The lights in the room flicker on and Ash and Ela wake up. They are restrained to their chairs. They are both freaking out.

Then, two White Masks walk in. One removes their tops and shoes. He lathers their soles up with oil. The other just watches... and then pulls out a brush. He starts to tickle the helpless girls. They are crying and laughing. This goes on for hours... and then it stops.

The girls wonder if it's over.

The White Mask who had been torturing them then passes his brush over to his partner. He then starts to tickle them.

They're taking shifts.

The ladies cry and laugh as the realization dawns on them that they are now in a perpetual tickle hell.

Story by Mouseoo
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (5261x3825)

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