Capturing The Real Treasure

The most audible sound was a slow drip dripping. However, if one listened closely they might be able to hear a small, quiet moaning and jumbled swearing coming from the same area as the dripping noise. They might even be able to hear the slight strain or creak of straps pulling and straining.

Furthermore, if one were to enter the room with these strange noises they would see an extraordinary sight: two almost naked women ferociously struggling against the dastardly devices that held them captive, their bodies glistened in sweat from hours of constant struggling and their breasts covered in their own drool as it dripped down their chins.

The first woman went by the name of Nico Robin.

Her legs were held tight with belts around her ankles and thighs with another set of belts around her upper and lower kneecaps, effectively frog-tying her. A bar had been placed in-between her inner kneecaps, forcing her legs wide apart. Her arms were tied together above her head and then attached to the wall behind her. Another black band went around her waist and attached to the back wall as well.

She angrily pulled on all the restraints that held her captive, but nothing would budge. She normally would have used her powers to easily escape something like this, but a collar had been enclosed around her neck which she suspected had to be made of sea stone. Any attempts to call for help or communicate with the other woman were stifled by the large ball that was filling her mouth. No matter how she shook her head or tried to push the ball out with her tongue, it stayed in tightly. She tried biting down on the ball in an attempt to break it, but it had no effect.

The other woman went by the name of Nami.

She was frog tied as well, but she was sitting on a wooden horse as well. Her big toes had also been tied together, which made everything else even more uncomfortable. She would have tried to untie herself, but her hands and arms had been forced into a tight leather arm-binder which forced her hands to ball up into fists. She could barely even move as she had a black band around her waist and a collar around her neck connecting to the front and back of the horse. She was unable to communicate as well due to the ball in her own mouth.

Both women were constantly being distracted by the toys vibrating away in their underwear. Whenever they would try to focus and come up with a plan was when the devices seemed to hit, causing them to lose track of whatever idea they may have had. It didn't help that the vibrators caused them to constantly fidget and move, in turn causing their nipple clamps to swing wildly, eliciting more groans in the process. Nami had it even worse as she was forced to also ride the horse the entire time.

They had no idea how long they had been there and hoped someone came for them soon. They didn't know how much longer they could take this kind of total, inescapable torture.

Story by halocat2
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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