Conflict of Interest II: Showstopper

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Cerebella groaned as she glanced down at the ropes binding her to Parasoul’s bedpost.

Parasoul looked over to her sub as she cinched the last knot. “What’s the matter? I’d expect that an expert escape artist like you should have no problem with this.”

“Hey,” Cerebella snapped. “For the last time: I never claimed to be an expert. I was just filling in for Feng when I escaped that bind.”

Parasoul crawled onto the bed to face her new sub. “Well, you pulled it off regardless, and you looked great doing it too.” She smiled to herself as she examined her handiwork. “Not as great as you do now though.”

Cerebella avoided eye contact as she blushed heavily. No one, not even Vitale, could get her all bashful quite like Parasoul. “Thanks. I guess it was a good enough show. I don’t often get a princess asking for an autograph.”

“Yeah, well, my sister insisted. And who was I to say no?” Parasoul grinned as she stroked Cerebella’s cheek.

Their eyes met again.

Cerebella bit her lip for a moment before speaking up. “You ever wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t met that night? How different things would be?”

“What,” Parasoul responded with feigned pondering. “Different from right now, with you as my helpless little prisoner? Well, considering your affiliations, I’d say things would have turned out pretty similar.”

“Oh har har.” Cerebella retorted. “Didn’t I say that we weren’t going to talk about that?”

Parasoul sat up and put on a rather strict expression. “Yeah, well, you’re not the mistress anymore, sweetie. And we’re going to have to address your line of work sooner or later.”

Parasoul was starting to get serious, and Cerebella was starting to get worried. She had to think of something fast. Cerebella began straining against her ropes, but they didn’t budge. “This is so not fair! You can’t just force this conversation while I’m all tied up!” She kept up her futile struggling, uselessly twisting her body and wiggling her chest around as she pulled against her ropes. She knew that she wasn’t getting out, but that wasn’t her goal. The princess may be notoriously disciplined and robotic, but if anyone could make her melt, it was Cerebella. She focused on Parasoul's eyes as they fell on her jiggling breasts. “As soon as I’m free, I’m gonna punish you so hard.”

Parasoul sat there on the bed for a moment, staring at her helpless sub before forming a devious grin. “Oh really?” Cerebella breathed an internal sigh of relief. Parasoul had taken the bait. She pulled a roll of tape over her wrist like a bracelet before reaching over and grabbing Cerebella’s discarded panties. She held them out for Cerebella to see. “Don’t get so cocky, sweetie. You’re not the only one with tricks. Take these cute panties, for instance.” She stuffed the panties in her own mouth, and pointed to them. “Nhww thrr rhht hrr…” She began crawling across the bed on all fours towards Cerebella, batting her eyes as she moved. She crept up to Cerebella and let her hands wander over her sub’s bound body before pressing her lips to her’s. They shared many long, deep kisses before Parasoul finally pulled away. “…and now they’re gone!”

Cerebella rolled her eyes and snorted. A fragment of her orange panties hung from the corner of her lips. “Yrr fho lmmn.”

Parasoul let loose an uncharacteristic giggle as she reached over into her assortment of toys, spread out over the bedsheets. She kept her eyes locked with her sub’s the whole time. “Perhaps, but I think you liked that trick regardless.” She grabbed the roll of tape and pulled it open for Cerebella to see, smiling from ear to ear as she did it. “And even if you didn’t... I’m just getting started,” she whispered with a quick wink. Cerebella threw her mistress the naughtiest grin before leaning forward and obediently closing her lips. Parasoul wasted no time plastering the tape over them. “I should thank you for doing up your hair like that. Keeps it out of my way.”

Cerebella moaned beneath the tape, but the sound was overpowered by the ripping noise as Parasoul encircled her head, wrapping the tape over her lips several times. Once she was confident that Cerebella couldn’t even make a peep, she slid the tape roll back on her wrist, not yet certain if she was done with it. However, she was absolutely certain what she wanted to do next.

“Allow me to share my deepest gratitude…”

Again, Parasoul reached over to her toys. Cerebella’s eyes tried to follow her mistress’ hand, but she lost her focus when Parasoul grabbed her jaw with her other hand and planted a hard kiss on her gag. Cerebella’s heart fluttered. Gag kisses were her favourite. In a spilt second, her trance was broken as Parasoul pulled away and just as quickly got up off the bed. She stepped behind Cerebella, who tried persistently to turn her head and see what her domme was up to, but found her range of motion too restricted. After a taunting moment of silence, a familiar noise revealed Parasoul ‘s next move.


Cerebella’s eyes widened and she started struggling again as Parasoul reached around and pressed the wand against her exposed crotch. “Mmph! Nnmm Grhmmph!” The gag was too effective for Parasoul to understand, but that sat just fine with her. All she wanted right now was to hear the muffled whimpers of her sub. She gently ran her fingers over Cerebella’s shivering shoulder, and leaned in close to her face. She wanted to hear every heavy breath, every adorable squeal.

Cerebella may know how to put on a show, but now, it was the princess’ turn to provide a showstopper.

Story by shenanigans2
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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