Couple's Therapy

An attractive, young, and wealthy couple, Becca and Ryker appeared to be, at least on paper, a perfect happy couple. But on the inside, it's not quite so perfect. They're having issues with the power and chemistry balance between the two of them; Ryker is verbally abusive and too strong minded, while Becca always lets him have power and control over her. These issues eventually resulted in them going to see a therapist.
They definitely picked the right therapist to deal with their issues! Layla, who moonlights at a local nightclub as a bondage

dominatrix, is not having it any longer. She's not letting Ryker take control of the session anymore! Since Ryker was doing all the talking in the first half of the session, it's only fair for Becca to do all the talking the last part of the session!

Story by uniformedmenindistress
Artwork by Studio Arieta-Mei

High resolution (3300x5100)

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