Tara, Danielle, and Robin knew they were in trouble the second their teacher, Miss Morgan, told them to stay after for an extra lesson or two. The three had been causing problems throughout their class on "Gagging Your Damsel", talking to each other while the live demonstrations were being done on some of the models used in the class (all of whom were tightly bound beforehand so that they wouldn't try and remove their gags or escape).

Now, all three troublemakers sat tightly tied to chairs. Tara and Danielle were already effectively silenced after their panties were stuffed in their mouths and sealed under layers of sticky tape. Like a pro, Miss Morgan effortlessly moved on to Robin, who tried to resist. Ultimately, however, she too was soon gagged.

"Now then, girls, are you ready to pay attention in class and stay silent?" Miss Morgan grinned evilly as she adjusted the control setting on each of the vibrators taped between her current victims' legs and cranked them all up to their max setting. Their teacher practically purred when she heared the very muffled screams of intense pleasure erupting from the co-eds as they started to squirm...

Story by CJhammond
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (5100x3300)

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