Failed Assassin

This went incredibly wrong. On the latest mission that Yor accepted, the enemy managed to lure her into a room and locked the door. She didn't expect that the target would easily sacrifice his bodyguards that she chased and promptly killed.

Behind the door she heard "good night" as the white smoke began to spread in the room, making her lose consciousness extremely quickly. Her knives fell on the floor as Yor's grip loosened, and then her body went limp and she fell near two recently dead bodies.

When Yor regained consciousness, she felt uncomfortable and opened her eyes. The predicament that she was in was nothing like she had ever faced before. She was wearing some kind of muzzle gag with a dildo stuck deep in her mouth, arms placed behind her back and her legs tightly folded. There was also an arousing itch in her crotch - there were a dildo and anal beads stuck in her pussy and butthole.

Yor was placed in a strange steel restraint and carried by a strong giant man in a white hazmat suit. The feeling of unbearable discomfort quickly changed to anger and humiliation, since she was completely naked and carried around like a bag. The man in the hazmat suit, noticing her awakening, explained to her that she was being taken away to "some bad place, where nobody would find you".

Story by Cromartie67
Artwork by J. Mariano Luengo

High resolution (3300x5100)

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