Favonius Relationship Consulting

"...For instance, this technique, here, binds the legs while opening up the crotch, giving you a lot of room to play with."

"Ah, haha; yes, I could, certainly. But they're such nice thighs, it'd be a shame to shunt them off and not be able to stroke them."

"Mmmrrr mmph..."

"Fine. Fine. Hmm... Ah, this could be something... You still have her measurements, right?"


"Ara, ara. As though I would write down a lady's secrets."

"She's right over there in her panties, I could always eyeball it."

"No, you misunderstand: I wouldn't write it down because I've committed it to memory, never to forget."

"Llff mmph!"

"Heh heh, well then, in that case, you can use those to fashion THIS harness EXACTLY to her specifications..."

"Ara, ara, how kinky, teacher... Yes, let's try it, now."


Story by Hoshino
Artwork by Altercomics-Churin

High resolution (5347x7547)

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