Harpies' Pet Duelist

The premium membership cost extra. In what fleeting moments of clarity she had, through the interplay of stinging, painful agony, and the electric tingling of arousal, Mai figured it was worth every dollar. She never would've thought someone so disinterested in affection, let alone intimacy, as Seto Kaiba would think to add a sexual dimension to his virtual reality simulations. It certainly helped keep her interest, though. She wouldn't come by Kaiba Corp every other weekend to simply practice her dueling skills against virtual opponents or indulge in some high fantasy sword and sorcery against the Duel Monsters come to life. It's just that a woman has needs, after all.

Mai had to wonder just how pathetic she looked right now: not only was she indulging in a lust she had for her signature cards and not only had she roleplayed with them romantically in previous sessions, but here she was being whipped, beaten, clawed at, and about to be straight up FUCKED by those monsters.

In whatever little defense it was, she at least had several sessions prior where she got to be the dominant one. Ah... yes, switching between affectionate queen and ruthless domme, tenderly embracing her beloved Harpies one session, before mercilessly paddling them in the next. Compelling (or sometimes outright forcing) them to make out with each other before she granted them the mercy of climax.

For the past week, Mai's dreams were plagued with fantasies of her being on the receiving end. Dreams of her Harpies getting their turn. When they started to creep into her waking moments, distracting her during practice and research, that's when she knew she needed to do it. When she knew she needed to be dominated.

As the whip snapped against her skin once again, Mai shrieked out a loud howl as she pulled against the ropes binding her. Then she slumped, her hair falling all over her face. She let out a soft, animal-like groan between sobs of pain as she shook in her bonds. She felt the pull of the chain against her collar and tilted her heavy head up to look at the Harpie holding her leash. Mai mumbled a desperate plea through her gag. Not for them to stop or to release her, but to put an end to this agonizing foreplay that had gone on for almost 30 minutes and finally just fuck her like she needed... like she deserved.

As a wicked grin spread on the red haired Harpie's lips, so too did Mai smile around the gag, wondering if she could hold out as the sisters took turns with her (and eagerly hoping she'd be able to)!

Story by Hoshino
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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