Head Mistress Kelda

The Overlord may enjoy spreading destruction and chaos across the realms, but in his personal chambers? Not so much.

So to keep his mistresses from ripping each other apart, he puts his first mistress Kelda in charge as head mistress. Dark Fay and Juno took great exception to the new pecking order. The Overlord decreed that Kelda could use any method she wanted to make Juno and Dark Fay behave like the slaves they now were.

After a night locked in stocks in the Netherworld dungeon (and a very harsh paddling from Kelda), Juno and Dark Fay are now very willing to satisfy every kinky and humiliating demand made by the Overlord or Head mistress Kelda. That even Includes their new dress code: “naked in chains and gagged at all times”.

All three are currently waiting in the throne room for the Overlord to return from pillaging the country side.

I am sure the Overlord will be very pleased with the results of Kelda’s training methods.

Story by DDragon
Artwork by Altercomics-Facundo Percio

High resolution (2087x3200)

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