Honeymoon Shopping Spree

One after noon Ava Sharp and Sara Lance were walking down the street when they came across a small shop just off the beaten path. Upon entering they discovered it was a fetish shop filled with every kinky kind of adult toy, bondage equipment, and clothing you could imaged and some you never dreamed of. Two salesgirls greeted them.

“Hi, I’m Brenda and this is Terra welcome to League of dildos how can we help you?”
“Were fine thank you” the somewhat flustered Sara answered.
“First timers then?” Brenda questioned.
“Maybe a little.” Ava responded.
“Great which of you is the dominant and who is the submissive?” Brenda asked.
Ava and Sara looked at each other for a moment. Before either could answer.
“It doesn’t matter, follow me Terra said taking Sara by the hand and dragging her further into the store.
“I guess that leaves you in my capable hands then.” Brenda stated taking Ava to a different part of the shop.
“Let’s see what’s a good look for you. Woo this one!” Grabbing a collar off the shelf and handing it to Ava.
“It doesn’t fit?” Ava questioned.
“That part goes in your mouth.” Ava opened her mouth and Brenda quickly popped the gag in place. “That part keeps you from talking.” Brenda explained as she fastened and locked the collar and gag.
“It’s not very effective.” Ava noted.
“Don’t worry it inflates, see.” pumping the gag until it filled Ava’s mouth completely.
“Now that’s better, the tube in the middle makes breathing easier, and the pump is detachable so the slave can’t deflate it. Let’s see what else we can find for you.” Brenda said clipping a leash to Ava’s collar taking her to the fitting rooms.
“Here you start getting undresses and I’ll go find you something interesting.”
Returning a short time later. “I found you this great corset.” Sliding it under the curtain.
“I’ll help you tighten it up in just a sec.” Just as Ava wrapped it around her body the curtain opened, and Brenda entered.
“Looking good so far just turnaround and grab the lacing bar up there.” As soon as Ava grabbed the cuffs locked her hands in place. Before Ava could protest into her gag Brenda pulled the corset laces forcing all the air out of Ava’s lungs. Brenda even places her knee in the small of Ava’s back for more leverage.
“There we go all tightened up” Brenda declared after reducing Ava’s waist by at least 3 inches locking the laces in a leather pouch.
“Woo you left the chastity cage with simulators on, you kinky little devil you.” Pulling the metal band up between Ava’s legs and locking it to the back of the corset.
“In case you were wondering we have lots of dildos and plugs that are compatible with this chastity cage. We can look at those later. Wait her I’ll get a few more things.”
“Unintelligible mumbling” from Ava while waiting for Brenda to get back she could hear someone struggling in the next booth and guessed that Sara wasn’t in any better shape. Brenda returned caring several items.

“Alright let’s move on to the shoes. Looks like I guessed your size.” She said sliding the high heels on to Ava’s feet. Next was a super tight leather hobble dress. The dress had a large opening in the back putting Ava’s butt on display, there was another opening in the front exposing her chastity belt clad crotch. Once Brenda drew the zipper all the way down and locked it in place Ava’s legs were so tightly pinned together, she would only be able to take tiny steps.
“Were almost done.” Brenda finally released Ava’s wrists from the lacing bar, but her freedom was short lived as Brenda quickly zipped Ava’s arms into an extremely tight leather arm binder.
“Wow aren’t you just the picture of a slave girl, I can’t wait to show you off.”
Meanwhile back with Sars and Terra.
“Here you should try this one.” Terra said handing Sara a heavy metal collar. Sara placed the collar around her neck. As soon as the ends touched Sara heard a faint click. When she tried to remove the collar, she discovered it was locked.
“Did this thing just lock itself?” Sara questioned.
“Yes, It’s the newest thing auto-locks. It can be opened by remote or with a smart phone app.” Clipping a leash to Sara’s collar
“Let’s see what else we can find for you?” Terra led Sara to a wall filled with different types of gags.
“Wow!” Sara said surprised by how many different types of gags there were. Sara’s eyes kept drifting back to one very elaborate gag.
“That’s a great one.” Terra noted picking it up. “Here let me show you.” Before Sara knew what happened Terra had shoved the large phallus into Sara’s mouth. Sara gagged slightly as Terra tightened and locked all the gag’s straps.
“The great thing about this plug gag is you can take the dildo out and it keeps the slaves mouth open for all kinds of fun activities. This way.” Terra said tugging on Sara’s leash. Leading her to the changing rooms.
“Why don’t you get undressed while I pick out something nice and kinky” Terra said. Once Sara was completely naked in the fitting room Terra returned with a large box.
“Now this outfit is a little snug so why don’t you turn around and grab the lacing bar. It will make it easier to get you in to it.” Just as Sara grabbed the bar cuffs snapped shut trapping her wrists. “Let’s start with the bra, now it’s going to be a little tight around the chest, but it’s supposed to be.” Placing a metal band around Sara’s chest and the support chains over her shoulders. Terra took extra care to make sure Sara’s breasts were nestled safely in each of the metal cups. Pressing the ends together caused a tiny light to flash from red to green locking them together. The process was the same to attach the support chain to the center of the bra. Next came the Chastity belt.
“Alright I need you to give me a really big exhale.” Feeling the waist band squeezing her waist Sara exhaled as much as she could. After several minutes of squeezing and pulling Terra managed to get the ends of the belt to touch long enough for the tiny light to turn from red to green.
“I love these new auto locks.” Terra reached between Sars’s legs and pulled the front shield up causing the thick rear cable to all but disappear between Sara’s butt cheeks. With a fair amount of pulling the front shield meet up with the waist belt and the auto locks engaged sealing the chastity belt shut.
“We’ll test the built-in simulators later” Terra noted admiring her work
“You look amazing but were not done yet.” Terra took a pair of chains hanging from the bra and connected them to the sides of the chastity belt, from there they connected to thigh bands that Terra locked together.

“Now these boots might look extreme, and they are, but they’re not bad once you get used to them.” Terra remarked holding up a pair of all metal ballet boots. The boots opened like a clam shell. The insides were heavily padded. After cuffing Sara’s ankles together.
“Almost done just have to do something with your hands and I know just the thing” Terra said scaring off. As Sara stood their trying to get used to her new footwear, she could her Ava struggling in the next booth and figured she was also tied up. Terra returned with a pair of metal gauntlets clamping them on Sara. They covered Sara’s four arms in skintight metal, running from her wrists all the way to her elbows. Once Terra disconnected Sara from the lacing bar, she steadied Sara while pulling her arms behind her back and auto locking the gauntlets together and to the back of the chastity belt.
“All done now let’s show you off to the world” Leading Sara out of the booth on a leash. The four women met up in the middle of the store. Just then a new customer walked in Brenda Spoke up
“Can we help you?” The stunned woman raised her ever present smart phone and snapped a photo of the bound women.

“Oh My God your Zari Tarazi I can’t believe your in our shop!” Terra gushed.
“Actually, I’m here to pick up those two.” Zari replied
“Ho Wow Zari Tarazi is in our shop picking up two slave girls. Ho you must be going to the bondage ball tonight at club passion!”
“I normally don’t attend such functions but looking at these two how can I say no. But I will need a stunning dominatrix outfit, let’s see what you have.”

Story by Ddragon
Artwork by Celestin

High resolution (2480x3720)

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