How to Fuck While Tied Up

Silas had gone mad with lust.

Earlier in the evening, he was sitting with Kelsey and Kayla watching a movie. The conversation turned erotic and they all lost control. While Kelsey went upstairs for a snack he quickly tied up Kayla on the couch and fucked her brains out. She was loving it. Kelsey had no idea because he was quick to gag Kayla before she could shout for help.

First, he forced his cock inside her, but soon that wasn't enough. As he was changing positions Kelsey came down the stairs. He quickly stripped and trussed her up too, not bothering to gag her since there was no one she could call. She opened her mouth for him, allowing him to force his cock down her throat and facefuck her until completion.

He put a rag in her mouth to prevent her from spitting his semen out, then went back to Kayla and took her ass, proceeding to fuck her until she could barely move.

He then retied her in a hogtie and turned his attention back to Kelsey. She knew from the look in his eye that her night was just beginning. Neither of them would leave his basement as a free woman. They were now happily his.

Story by Shomas
Artwork by Emanuele Parascandolo

High resolution (3300x5100)

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