Ignorance is Bliss

The orcish woman's tusks peeled meat from the bone, her mounting irritation seeping into every gnash of her powerful teeth. She glared at her human compatriot as she snatched up another almost-empty wineskin.

"How long have we been waiting here?" Ruka asked with her mouth half-full, "You said this was a good spot?!"

"Mhmm!" Amber replied, brushing her red hair back cheerfully. "A girl at the guild said she caught a whoooole bunch of cuties this way before~! I think that's worth waiting a couple hours, don'tcha think?"

Ruka groaned and mumbled. "Coulda caught a whole bunch more back in town in two hours--"

"Shh!" Amber interrupted, suddenly. "Someone's coming!"

From their position in the bushes, the two bandits watched eagerly as a black-cloaked figure leisurely made their way along the path. Eyes unmuddled by alcohol or excitement might have noticed the soft clinking of chainmail, the faint hum of magics, or the catlike yellow of their eyes. Unfortunately, both Amber and Ruka failed to notice these telltale signs, hefting their weapons and blocking the traveller's path.

"Hiya!" Amber beamed, cutlass in front of her.

"Don't make too much fuss. Just put your weapons and valuables on the ground," Ruka barked, her heavy axe on her shoulder. The wanderer looked from one bandit to the other, slowly.

"...And if I don't?"

"Heh," Ruka snarled with relish, "Then we beat the snot out of you!"

"And tie you up if you're cute~!" Amber added.

"Don't think so."

And so...



The wanderer hadn't even broken a sweat, glancing back at the bandits thoroughly restrained to the tree. Ruka and Amber thrashed against their own thick ropes, their muffled whines echoing through the quiet forest. Ruka's powerful arms and legs flexed against their bonds, her cheeks a furious red with embarrassment from the fact the even she could not break these restraints. Amber's cheeks too were a brilliant crimson... but her aroused moans and grinding against the crotch-rope revealed that it was not fury she felt.

A ghost of a smile passed over the wanderer's face as they resumed their journey, leaving the hapless bandits with one final remark:

"Dunno when someone will find you... but you seem to be enjoying yourselves."

Story by Spirit-of-Vice
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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