Into a New World

"So... those Shades have vanished and you're still here to find me, but everything else has gotten unnaturally quiet. What's happened? Did you avenge yourself on this Nexus creature?"

"We forced her to retreat to another world. However, as she departed, she used her power to set this world still. All living things are asleep, save for myself, my companions at the battle with Nexus... and you."

"Ha! Such is the power of the Dark Dragoon, the Black Dragon, the Lord of Purgatory... or, it could be that you released me from serenity and your connection to her had some effect on me. I'm uncertain."

"I do believe that was it. Either way, I cannot begin to pay my debts to this world while it slumbers, and finding Nexus is the only way to wake it up. I and my companions have been granted a way to travel to other worlds... and I wish to bring you along, as my protector and bodyguard."

"Bodyguard? That's a nobler deed than ever I've taken before."

"I figured it would be better than staying here, alone, in silence. Besides, there's no one I'd trust more with my safety."

"Ha! Surely you jest. You saw how my fantasies of you played out while I was nestled in your former god's bosom. Your SAFETY may be assured, but that doesn't mean you still won't come to... harm."

"Outside of your fantasies, and your keep, I trust your access to tools to play with my body would be limited."

"True. All I have are a few lengths of rope."

"And I have a few handkerchiefs. It'll be perfect."

"W...Wait, wait, wait, are you serious? You... Do you want me as your mistress as well as your bodyguard?"

"I watched your fantasies with my dream self. They looked fun."

"And you're not worried what the others might think, if they saw you trussed up and thrown over my shoulder?"

"It would make quite the statement wherever our hunt for Nexus takes us."

"Well, it appears I've gone and defiled a holy woman's gentle spirit! Very well. I've sharpened my spear on enough of Nexus's Shades. It's time I take my honour back from the god who tempted me with indulgent fantasies. Now then, arms behind your back, priestess."

"Ooh! You wish us to march into a new world like this...?"

"It would make quite the statement. Open your mouth."

Story by HoshinoBound
Artwork by SednaStudio-QWZ

High resolution (2480x3507)

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