Jungle Joinery

Samus was lead out of the upgrade chamber by her captor. She assumed they were heading to a ship.

Progress through the jungle was difficult (thanks to the 8 inch ballet heels and EM cuffs only allowing a 10 inch stride) and Samus received a very nasty shock from the butt plug if her captor thought she was moving too slowly.

After what felt like a eternity, the pair stopped to rest. Samus’s captor tied her leash to the base of a tree, and set her leg cuffs to hold her legs together before pinning her ankles to her thighs.

The rest allowed Samus time to think. She remembered that her Varia suit had an emergency eject function in case of a malfunction or if it was somehow stolen... but could she activate it bound like this? Hoping it still worked, Samus renewed her struggling. She somehow managed to grunt or moan something close enough to the emergency code that caused her suit to disappear. Samus was left sitting on the ground in her captors’ camp... naked.

The code should have left her wearing the Zero suit. The emergency code must have been altered along with the rest of the armor. With no sign of her captor, Samus quickly raided some nearby containers for supplies. Finding only a skimpy pair of underwear, some sandals, and a belt with knife, Samus got dressed and headed out in the direction of her ship with the hope she could reset her suit to an earlier configuration. Then she would find whoever did this and make them pay.

Making her way through the jungle was easier without the Slave suit’s bindings, but progress was still slow without her armor's abilities. Nearing her ship, Samus felt like she was being followed either by a native predator or her former captor. It didn’t matter which it was: Samus was in no position to put up a fight.

Quickening her pace, Samus finally arrived at her potential means of escape. The lift lowered as she approached. She entered and proceeded to reequip her armor and weapons. However, instead of her Varia suit forming, Samus was back in the Slave suit!

A new message scrolled across her visor. “Slave suit upgrade complete. The following configurations now available: pony girl, maid, serving slave, restrained and nude.” Then the visor turned completely black.

The lift lowered once more and Samus came stumbling out right into the waiting arms of her captor. Leashed and being lead away from her ship, Samus heard and felt a very large explosion. It was most likely her ship being destroyed.

The sound of approaching engines told Samus that her captors’ ship was landing where her ship used to be. Samus fought against her leash with all her might to keep from boarding, but the high heels, cuffs, and reverse prayed binder made it a losing battle.

Once on board, Samus was secured by her EM cuffs in a small cell. The ship's engines roared to life again as it lifted off to only god where.

Story by DDragon
Artwork by Altercomics-Pepe Luis

High resolution (2264x3200)

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