Lady Lace Wants a Picture

Clara had no trouble tying the delightful Lady Lace in the position that she wanted. After all, she had provided the costume, dungeon, rope and expenses to pay for her… specialized services. She had also illustrated the positions she wanted to be tied into, which she had emailed Clara last week once their mutual agendas agreed upon the days she would be doing the photo-shoot.

Lady Lace had artistic talent to spare along with her huge breasts, tiny waist and killer Latina, round butt. Not to mention money. Why Lace was doing this, Clara did not know nor care.

Psychoanalysis was not the reason people hired Clara. They hired her because she one of the best fetish models and photographers in the country. Tying gorgeous women and taking tons of pictures and videos had become her specialty, although Lady Lace had paid extra for one important “feature”: Clara was using a yellow latex bodysuit and hood, the same one that was featured in her video “Locked in Latex”. It was custom made for her (as she had also been gifted with large breasts and a pronounced bottom).

Another unusual aspect of the shoot was that her mouth was gagged, both by a ball gag and then by several turns of black electrical tape that Lady Lace used at the start of the session. That made communication more challenging, but not impossible.

Lady Lace had loved that video and wanted to see it in person. Clara could not deny that shooting while gagged was having a visible effect on her nipples, and the extra money would pay for the new video camera that she had dying to purchase...

Clara’s host also didn’t talk much. That’s because the first thing Lady Lace asked when they started was to be silenced. The photographer said that, with the mask of her dress, she already looked gagged. However, Lady Lace insisted. Clara didn’t protest, as gagging beautiful women is something she enjoyed as well (perhaps too much), especially when paid to do so. As Lady Lace ordered, a big wad of cloth was put in her mouth, followed by a strip of lacy fabric (identical to her dress) to seal her juicy lips. She then put the mask back on. It looked pretty much the same as before except for her eyes. They really sparkled.

Clara took the bundle of rope and started preparing for the first set of pictures. They went thru all the positions in the drawings until they reached the final one. Using the drawing as a guide, Clara tied Lady Lace... who seemed to only get MORE energy the longer the photo-shoot went. Clara was now working on the ropes above her knees. Once she tied her ankles the rope work would be done, and the photography would start.

Three video cameras were set up: one for long shots, one for close ups, and a moving camera that was operated by Clara’s assistant Vera.

Vera was also wearing a yellow latex suit and had been gagged by Lady Lace. Vera loved bondage and it showed. Clara had caught sight of her caressing her pointy nipples more than once. Vera knew Lady Lace and had been the one to convince Clara to take the photo-shoot, even with its unusual conditions.

It was late in the evening when both hunger and exhaustion was starting to take it's toll on Clara's head, even with all the excitement from the shoot. After several hundred pictures, Clara was ready to call it a night and get ready for the next part.

She started untying Lady Lace while Vera took the cameras and started uploading the backups to both Clara and Lady Lace’s cloud servers. After she was free, Lady Lace hugged the photographer, clearly satisfied with the shoot. Clara reached for Lady Lace's mask to take her gag off, but the woman waived her hand. She would remain gagged for the next part.

With a nod to Vera, Clara put her arms behind her back to begin the second part of the agreement. Five maids arrived, each one with their own video camera. All of them were strictly gagged with 8 turns of black tape and wearing minuscule triangle-style bikini tops and black g-strings. As for Lady Lace, she took a cord and began tying Clara’s arms behind her back. The cord was followed by tape, plastic ties, and a single glove that was secured by both metal cuffs and metal bands above and below her huge breasts. Overkill? Yes, but that was what the client wanted and Clara had agreed... for the money, of course.


After her arms were insanely secured, Lady Lace left Clara to take care of her assistant. Vera was being tied in the same manner as the photographer and she looked lovely. She had been a real catch. Vera was a fast editor, a punctual employee, a good friend, and rocked a pair of ginormous natural tits that were the envy of many (including the photographer).

Clara started doing a few gagged moans, as was to be expected. Two of the maids were focused on her plight, the other three were busy following the progress of Vera’s bondage. In a few minutes, Vera was as helpless as her boss.

Lady Lace took several steps back to check them out. She was still gagged, but the meaning in her eyes was clear as her hand reached out for Clara’s latex-covered left breast.

Now it was her turn!

Story by Queospera
Artwork by Altercomics-Ponce

High resolution (2088x3200)

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