Libra & Scorpio: Agents of Fantomas

Fantomas! That was the name of the French super thief whose base of operations was the enormous mansion at Paris’ countryside that he humbly called the Refuge. Living with him were his helpers and companions, the beautiful women known collectively as the Zodiac.

But the master thief was out for the week, traveling with his senior advisor Andromeda to get information for a heist in Barcelona. With no other “jobs” in the pipeline, the Zodiac girls were left with plenty of time to have fun. Or to train. Or to do both.

With some of the Zodiac girls comfortably seated on the music room of the Refuge, one of them proposed just that. “The Master insisted” said code name Scorpio, the Japanese beauty in a black swimsuit with enough holes to reveal almost all of her full breasts.

“Maybe we should wait until he returns from Barcelona,” said Aquarius, the gorgeous forger from Spain, who was not thrilled to miss a trip to her country or to do the training session that her friend has just mentioned, even if it was ordered by the boss (though she still had her doubts about that).

“You know that we should all prepare for a kidnapping. We all have been through it, more than once” insisted Scorpio.

“Indeed, but that does not mean we should do it voluntarily” said Gemini, the Swiss girl with the golden hair and almost volleyball sized breasts who was not thrilled to be tied up, even if it was a simulation.

Scorpio had a response ready for that. “If you are prepared it can make you stronger, which makes us of greater use to our Master. You know I am right.”

All the girls remembered the times their master, Fantomas, had risked his life to save them from the police or one of his enemies. Even with all the danger, their lives had improved since they'd joined the Zodiac. To have some damsel in distress peril was a small price to pay for them. They needed to train for this. They all knew it, but no one dared to say it, except...

“I will do it” said Libra, which surprised most of the group gathered in the music room of the Refuge. The young African woman had been bound and tortured in the past. While the scars had left her body thanks to the medical science available to Fantomas, every one of the girls believed that the mental pain was still there.

Gemini and Aquarius understood. They knew that the only way to conquer your fears is to face them head on. Libra was a very courageous woman. They could do no less. “We shall do it too” said Aquarius and Gemini.

The young Japanese woman named after the lethal arachnid took Libra’s hand. “Follow me, Libra, you will be the first” she said, and the beautiful agent followed.

The pair descended to sub-level 4. This was a new part of the building created for training sessions. It could simulate many scenarios and this time it had a full size bank vault. Inside of it there was a table with a big box full of... stuff and a metal rod that rose from the floor and reached all the way to the ceiling.

Libra had little doubt of where she was supposed to go next. Scorpio smiled a little as she guided the woman to the pole, putting her hands behind her back. As was common in vaults, there were cameras. Six of them. What was unusual, however, was the large mirror in front of the pole. Was she being filmed too?

“Yes. The Master will review the video. This is a training session, after all.”

Fantomas had saved Libra from her ex husband, who literally wanted to eat her, so her debt to the thief was great. She would do whatever he wanted, no questions asked. Libra wanted Fantomas to be proud of her, to conquer her fears... and for him to love her, but now was not the time to open her heart to her friend.

“Should I call you Mistress?” said Libra to break the tension.

“Ha, ha, whatever you like, but there is only one master and he will be watching, so obey and have fun,” said the Japanese agent as she took something from the big box. It was a single, red glove which Scorpio used to fuse Libra’s arms.

“I am disappointed Scorpio” said Libra with a smile.

“Oh? And why is that?”

“All that time in Japan and you can’t do any decent Japanese rope bondage...”

“So I guess because I’m Japanese I should also know martial arts?”

“Ha! You know 17 different martial arts, and those are the ones I know of.”

“Ha, ha, how true. Not that I would ever brag,” said Scorpio, finishing with the single glove. “You need to be more experienced to taste my kinbaku. Tonight we will do some simple stuff.” The girl reached again in the box and took out some white rope.

“Open your legs.”

Libra hesitated.

Scorpio did not care as she used the rope to surround her friend’s small waist a couple of times and then tie a very tight crotch rope.

“Ahh!” was Libra’s response. Just what Scorpio’s hoped for.

“Not too tight, I hope?”

“It is not” said Libra, trying to muster some courage.

“Good, it is shrinking rope. The next few hours should be interesting.”

“Hours? But...”

“Shush, unless you want me to tape over your mouth now” Scorpio shot back.

Libra was sure she was serious. The African stood still and quiet while the Japanese continued. Scorpio used metal belts that were covered in white plastic to tie Libra’s ankles, over and under her knees and another one just under her generous bottom. A metal clasp on each band tied it to the metal rod. She also used several metal belts to tie Libra’s upper body and arms to the pole. Libra was not going anywhere and she knew it.

“Enjoying yourself, my princess?” Libra saw in the mirror a very aroused woman. She could not hide it. “You look hot, let’s refresh you a little,” said Scorpio, opening Libra’s suit so that more of her generous charcoal cleavage would be displayed.

“Scorpio...” said Libra, trying to shift her body and failing..

“You know I like you. A lot.”


“And your skin is so smooth and sexy...”


“I been waiting for this opportunity for a long time...”

“Scorpio!” screamed Libra.

That stopped the young Japanese on her tracks. “What?”

“Shut up and kiss me!”

The Japanese girl was very surprised. She thought that she was going too forward and wanted Libra to resist, which was part of the training exercise. However, it turned out that the African wanted more... and soon.

“But the Master?” Scorpio said as she watched one of the cameras.

“Forget the Master. I want you. Inside my mouth, Now.” She was deadly serious.

'Screw it' thought Scorpio as she did a cavity search with her tongue inside Libra’s mouth. She made sure that the cameras had a good look at it too (for bragging rights). As her hand reached inside Libra’s suit the lessons of this exercise were the furthest thing away from the martial artist's mind.

The truth was that she had wanted a tied Libra in her grasp since the moment she'd meet her. To know that her feelings were requited at this moment was glorious. Scorpio enjoyed touching Libra’s body. Grasping it. Seizing it.

Soon, Libra was screaming with pleasure. “Ah, ah, ahhhh!”

Scorpio gasped too. She went to the box and brought a bottle of water to Libra’s lips.

“And now?” asked the near naked Libra. “Well, I got carried away and kinda screwed the exercise. Guess I have to untie you and try with the other girls. We are done.”

“You need this pole? Now?” said Libra.

Scorpio stopped. She understood.

“Well, I do not need the POLE, but I will need you to be quiet.”

“I can stay quiet.”

“Real quiet!”

“Oh” was the young African’s response. “You need me to be gagged.”

“If you want to. Or you can be really quiet.”

Libra looked straight into one of the cameras. “I do want to be gagged. Really, really tight,” said Libra in her most sensual voice.

“My pleasure” said Scorpio as she grabbed a two cotton socks from the box. Libra opened her mouth as big as she could to receive the foreign objects that would try to silence her.

“Now try to close it” said Scorpio while she started cutting strips of white medical tape. The first strip covered her friends’ lips, the second and third formed an X over the first one. Two more long strips were used to cover Libra’s lower face.

“Try to scream for the Master, my dear princess.'

“Mmmmff, mmm!”

Scorpio wondered if the microphones of the cameras picked the soft moans. The important thing was that she heard them and they were good. Scorpio was satisfied. She put her hands over her hips and smiled for the camera. She hoped that Libra was smiling too. Was Fantomas watching? What would he say?

She did not wait for a response as she closed the bank vault with Libra inside of it.

Time to take care of Gemini. Or maybe Aquarius? Scorpio smiled. She would do both of them at the same time.

There were ten girls in the Zodiac that needed her bondage training. She could not leave them waiting!

Story by Queospera
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (5262x7441)

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