Lt. Victor is Not Just a Hard Ass

Lt. Minerva Victor asked her subordinate, Corporal Christel Ward to come to her tent at night. While curious at the request, she agreed to do just that.

When everyone else in the camp went to sleep, she snuck into her beloved officer's tent, where she was standing in a swimsuit. Christel was dumbfounded. Seeing that striking, voluptious figure in the flesh was a thing of her dreams. However, she was awake. She already had an obvious crush on her commanding officer, but now seeing her exposing so much skin lit the already burning desire even more.

The lieutenant always appreciated Christel's loyalty, her dedication, and even her apparent love. Ever since Minerva graduated from the military academy, she was giving her everything to the military service. She was a hard ass to everyone in her squad, respected but also hated. Christel was the sole exception, and that's why she was ready to thank her.

Minerva gave her subordinate a small coil of rope, averting Christel's intense gaze. Her mumbling wasn't a clear order, but a suggestion. A suggestion that Christel, though a bit shaken at the suddenness of it, understood, as she slowly took the rope and began to tie her commander's hands above her head. This would be a long night for the two of them.

Story by Cromartie67
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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