Moonlight Growth Spell Bound

After casting an expansive spell on her friends in a nearby clearing, Elizabeth starts wandering the woods towards to the nearby town. She's looking for more people to receive her gifts, leaving her friends to embrace their new nature and embrace each other. Elizabeth casts aside her shoes enjoying the feeling of the Earth beneath her bare feet and toes as she walks for a couple minutes before stumbling upon a young couple in the middle of having vanilla sex in the woods. Frowning for a second at such a boring display, she casts a spell tying the two lovers up with vines from the trees. The gift causes the two to go from terrified by the situation to uncontrollably horny as their bodies rapidly grow and change as Elizabeth moves the two together so the young man is penetrating his lover, pumping her up with his thick seed letting them both enjoy the pleasures of their new selves. Elizabeth tells them to have fun, despite knowing at this point her words fall on deaf ears before continuing on her way towards town enjoying the dirt and leaves under her bare feet. The sounds of carnal desires and pleasure fill the forest behind her with the occasional sound of falling trees due to her friends continuing growth spurts.

Story by MagnustheRed
Artwork by J. Mariano Luengo

High resolution (3300x5100)

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