Quality Time With Surprises

"Finally, some quality time to relieve some stress. All these quests lately have really taken over." Tachi says to herself as she stretches her body. "I hope Mistress Clara doesn't find out about these little 'adventures' of mine." With a light giggle she looks at the bed and checks the equipment on it. The longer she looks at it, the more excited she gets. "Mmmmhhh I think she won't find out. So there shouldn't be any problems." With another giggle she poses before the mirror and take a good look. "Besides, it would be a shame if I had bought this sexy lingerie for nothing. I'm so excited right now!"

Without wasting any more time, Tachi goes with swinging hips to her heart-shaped bed and prepares the equipment. Three chains connected to the bed are placed at each corner, with a small lock on each chain. A ball gag harness, nipple clamps with an attached chain and two "magitek" vibro eggs are placed at the middle of the bed. Tachi takes the leather cuffs from the bed and puts them around her wrists and ankles. The padded cuffs feel so good on her skin, but in this state it isn't strict enough, so she crawls to the middle of the bed and connects the spreader bar that lies on the bed to her ankle cuffs with some carabiners. The bar forces her legs far apart, and to get it even stricter she locks the chain and the spreader bar together.

"I'm so horny right now… Mmmhhh." Her fingers slightly touch her crotch and a small wave of lust runs through her body. "I'm so ready for this. Setting the timer on 15 minutes should be enough for my little pleasure makers to start." She's so wet that the magitek vibro eggs are going into her pussy and anus without any problems. The eggs that are pressed against her innermost spots fill her well. Without hesitation, she takes the clamps and adds them to her nipples.

"Ouch... one… and… twouuuh." Slightly trembling, she supports herself on the bed. " I th… th… think I came a bit." After a short time she takes the head harness and gags herself well, the ball going deep in her mouth and taking away her ability to speak properly. The only thing she can do is moan and drool. With every piece of equipment she attaches to herself, she feels more and more helpless... and that makes her even wetter. Her hand moves to the upper corner of the bed, followed by a quiet "click". She coils a wristband with the key around her other wrist, and the free hand moves to the opposite corner, hesitating for a moment.

What if Mistress Clara comes home early? What if something goes wrong? No, she said that she has much work to do today. Mmmhh… I'm so excited, I can't stand this feeling.



I did it! She checks the bonds. It gives her enough space to free herself, but is strict enough that she can enjoy herself in this position. Feels sooooo good. She trembles and stars appear before her eyes as she reaches orgasm. Tachi lies on her bed bound, gagged, and helpless. She closes her eyes and feels the clamps on her nipples and the pressure in her crotch from the eggs. Suddenly, there's a quiet noise coming from the front door of her apartment that she doesn't notice because she's in her own world at the moment.

They are footsteps.

"Well, what have we here? If it isn't my little slave, having some fun time without her mistress. Do you think I didn't notice all of your little preparations recently?" Tachi opens her eyes and looks at her mistress standing before the bed. She is also wearing some sexy lingerie. She holds a magitek hitachi and a riding crop in her hands.

"Miphfpreff! If if ok wack ik ooks ike! (Mistress! It is not what it looks like!)" She starts to fiddle around with the keys and try to open her bonds. Suddenly, the eggs starts to vibrate at maximum speed, and Tachi starts to orgasm hard.

"My, my, are you so happy to see your mistress?" An evil grin shows on Clara's face. With a giggle, Mistress Clara takes the wristband with the key from Tachi. "I think someone needs a punishment." Clara looks at her prey as Tachi lies moaning and helpless on the bed before her. "First, we have to adjust those loose bonds." Clara pulls the chain that connects the cuffs with the bed tighter and adds two more chains to each of the ankle cuffs. As if that's not enough, she adds a chain to the head harness and connects it to the bed so that Tachi can't lift her head anymore. "That looks even better!" The little movement that Tachi had is now gone. The bonds pin her without mercy on the bed and hold her tight. She can't help but grin in her gag, and gives her Mistress a sexy look. "So... let the fun begin, slave." Clara crawls on the bed alongside Tachi, giving her a nice kiss on the gag. She grabs the chain from Tachi's nipple clamps and pulls them up.

"Yeff, Miphfpreff!"

Story by DanKo
Artwork by StudioArieta-Tong

High resolution (2480x3508)

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