Raven's Playtime

All super heroes have a place to get away from the stresses of saving the world. Superman has the fortress of solitude, Batman can always hide away in his cave when the need arises, and for Raven it's her island temple.

After spending several months with the Titans fending off Brother Blood's latest attempt to raise the demon Trigun, Raven needed some alone time. So she teleported herself to the main entrance of her secluded island temple, the torches lighting themselves as she entered.

Raven began preparing for the evening’s entertainment. The dimensional portal spell she had chosen was simple enough. The precautions to keep it from going horribly wrong were not. First, she raised a barrier that would trap everything already within it inside and keep everything else out. Secondly, she needed to set a time limit on how long the portals would stay open so that they could close automatically if she was too tired to do it herself. She figured that eight hours would be more than enough. Lastly, Raven drank two potions. The first would keep her from getting dragged through one of the portals while the second would greatly increase her libido, letting her fully enjoy the night's activities.

As the sun set, Raven felt the potions taking effect. Moving to a large archway, Raven cast her spell and opened three portals: one on the floor in front of her and one on either side of her.

As soon as the portals opened, tentacles sprang forth to wrap around her body and pull the vacationing superhero over to their respective portal. One tentacle wrapped tightly around Raven's neck, while others restrained her limbs. She barely struggled as more tentacles joined in to rip her clothing away. Raven was in heaven as the tentacles had their way with her.

As the first rays of sun entered the temple, Raven was still bound and penetrated by the beasts she had summoned the night before. Something was wrong. The portals should have closed hours ago. Struggling against her invited captors to glance around the room, Raven soon realized her mistake. One of the talismans controlling the portals had become inverted during the night, doubling the time they would stay open. Unfortunately, the potion keeping Raven from entering the portal would last a maximum of ten hours.

Raven began struggling in earnest to free herself from the grasp of the monsters she'd treated as harmless sex toys. This, in turn, caused the monster to ravage her once again. Still feeling the effects from her second potion, Raven quickly climaxed several more times before collapsing into unconsciousness.

The defiled sorceress awoke sometime later on the temple floor. With her uniform hanging off her in shreds, Raven got to her feet and staggered towards the door, only looking back to make sure that the portals had indeed closed.

“Note to self. Never do that again… unless I find a way to better secure the talismans.”

Raven cleaned herself up and lowered the barrier around the temple before teleporting back to the Titans Tower.

Story by Mad maXXX
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (5100x3300)

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