Rest by the Stream

The loud stomp of boots slamming against the forest soil and leaves crimping echoed under the canopy. Alastor checked the rounds in his revolver. Two rounds left. As he neared a river, a fluttering light zipped past his eyes...


"Howdy!" It said, perched near the bridge of his nose. A FAIRY! He tried to draw his revolver, but before he could... he noticed it missing from his holster. A sparkle above it floated in the air, another (although differently colored) fairy.

"What are you?" Sally asked as he moved his hand closer to his face. The being jumped from his face and began its signature giggling again as it began to fly circles around him. Alastor suddenly felt something touching his wrists. He looked down to see thick green vines twirling around his wrists, holding them tightly before he could react. The creature was still giggling as sparkles emanated from a wave of her hand, slowly lifting its arm to point up above Alastor's head. More vines began to lift high above his head and coil around his waist and legs. In mere moments, he was bound. He pulled desperately against the vines that held his wrists and legs, but it was no use. Whatever magic had allowed them to restrain him also seemed to have strengthened them.

The pixies introduced themselves in unison: "Welcome, this is the stream of rejuvenation. You've found it!"

"I... DIDN'T- "

"Shhhhh... rest. This is a place of rest, of relaxation... come, take a load off, soak your troubles away." More pixies emerged, fluttering towards his trapped limbs, several circling his feet. Despite their diminutive size, they possessed considerable strength. As one guided his ankle to the stream, another grabbed the heel of his boot and (with an 'uuumpf!') actually managed to lift it. As he felt his foot sliding, another one grabbed the toe of his boot to lift and, in a flutter, his boot slid up a meter in the air to expose his socked foot. Several pixies fluttered down to feel and knead it.

"Stop- fpff- that.. tickl-" In no time at all, the other boot was off. One pixie tugged and stretched his sock like a rubber band, and it flew off like a shot. Soon the vines wrapped around his ankles began to produce smaller tendrils, guiding his foot to the stream. As it met the cool and refreshing water, the pixie that had been using her wings between Alastor's toes turned and began to use her tiny fingers to scratch at the vulnerable skin the vines had exposed. Before long, each of his toes had its very own Pixie, fully dedicating herself to causing the most ticklish sensations possible, until they massaged every portion available.

The original Pixie finally spoke again. "At this rate, I'm not sure that they will ever let you go."


'Sshhhhh... relax... time is a meaningless concept here... literally! Whether you spend mere moments or eons here, time outside does not pass."

"...fff, terrific..."

Story by spikedpsycho
Artwork by Marco Baldi

High resolution (1428x2000)

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