Rubber Birdie

Jean Grey returned to her room after class. Jean started to strip down to take a quick shower before heading to a danger room session.

Coming out of the shower, she found a package for her labeled "S.R. Phoenix uniform." Seeing as she was running a little late, she figured that she might as well use the new suit.

Opening the box, Jean was presented with a full body latex cat suit complete with attached hood, gloves, and boots. The suit was in her normal green and gold colors and pattern, but the latex seemed very thin and flimsy in her hands.

“Well, Hank is always coming up with something new. It's probably more durable than it looks.”

Further exploration of the box yielded a bottle of lotion (probably meant to make putting the suit on easier). After oiling up with the lotion, Jean started to squeeze into the new outfit.

First, her shapely legs went in and worked her feet all the way into the boots. Her nice round ass was next. Slipping her upper body and arms in afterwards was easy with the zipper in the front. Next, Jean pushed her breasts into the suit and pulled the zipper up and over them. Her hair still damp from the shower, the hood easily stretched over her scalp and into place.

Finally pulling the zipper all the way up, Jean started admiring herself in the mirror. She was completely covered in latex with only small openings for her eyes, nose, and mouth. It was also very shinny. Jean took a moment to try walking around her room in an attempt to getting use to how the suit felt (and how it squeaked whenever she moved).

Jean began to reconsider wearing the new uniform outside, her eyes shifting over to the older ensemble still sitting discarded on her bed.

That's when she felt the phoenix suit becoming tighter by the second. Jean suddenly found herself having trouble breathing as the latex shrank around her waist and chest like a corset. She reached for the zipper to remove the strange costume, but discovered it was gone!

Panicking, Jean unleashed a massive telekinetic blast to try and free herself of her latex prison. However, instead of ripping the suit apart, the blast was reflected back at Jean and instantly knocked her out cold.

She awoke sometime later.

Struggling to get to her feet, Jean caught her reflection in the mirror. The once green and gold suit was now red and gold (as well as see through). Her arms had grown red and gold feathers, giving them the appearance of bird wings, and her gold sash was now a long set of red and gold tail feathers. Her boots had even transformed into bird feet, forcing her up on her toes.

Damaged by the unexpected onslaught of her own powers, Jean's mind could only cobble together a single thought:

“I’m a pretty birdie.”

Story by DDragon
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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