Rubber Kitty

After a long day in the danger room, Kitty Pryde returned to her room. There she found a package waiting for her labeled 'SR cat uniform.' With her current uniform shredded by the danger rooms traps, she decided to try the new one on.

Opening the box, Kitty was presented with a full body latex cat suit (complete with attached hood, gloves, and boots) in her older dark blue and bright yellow colors and patterns. The latex seemed very thin and flimsy in her hands.

“Well, Hank is always coming up with something new. It's probably more durable than it looks.”

Kitty started to strip down and put her hair in a quick bun so that she could take a quick shower before trying on the new suit. She placed her torn uniform in the laundry basket and showered just long enough to rinse off the dirt and grime from her danger room workout, after which she briefly stood in front of a full length mirror to admire her shapely figure.

Farther exploration of the box yielded a bottle of lotion that she assumed was for making putting the cat suit on easier. After oiling up with the lotion, Kitty started to squeeze into the new outfit.

First her shapely legs went in, smoothing out the wrinkles along the way. Her nice round ass was next. Working her upper body and arms wasn’t too difficult either: thankfully, Hank had put the zipper in the front. With only a little effort, Kitty slipped her breasts into the suit and worked the zipper up and over them. She easily stretched the hood over her head and into place.

Pulling the zipper all the way up, Kitty started admiring herself in the mirror again. She was completely covered in latex with only small openings for her eyes, nose, and mouth. The suit was dark blue with bright yellow gloves, boots, and a “V” pattern from her shoulders down between her legs. The hood was also a dark blue and the whole thing was VERY shinny.

Kitty spent some time walking around her room getting used to the suit and how it felt and how it squeaked when she moved. The cat suit went on a bit tight, but it felt like it was getting tighter the longer her wore it. The uniform was getting uncomfortably tight and very hot. She would have to talk to Hank about that later.

She reached for the zipper to take it off... only to discover that it was gone!

In a panic, she literally pawed at her chest. The once form-fitting gloves had changed in to over-sized cat paws. The boot were going through a similar change, and Kitty had already grown cat ears, nose, and a long tail that swished back and forth. Looking closely at her reflection, she saw that the suit was still very shiny. Almost transparent.

Kitty managed to calm herself down. She tried to phase her way out of the uniform. All that managed to do was give herself a massive head ache and phase her through her bed. Crawling out from under the bed, she felt something pinching the base of her skull and pushing its way into her head. It was like her brain was being wrapped up in something that was blocking out all thoughts... all except for:

'I’m a good Kitty!'

Story by DDragon
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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