Rubber Maids

At G.I.Joe H.Q., a briefing was taking place...

“Scarlet! We have a very important mission for you. You need to infiltrate the island lab of Robert Materia. A genius and billionaire playboy, his work with nanites and smart materials is decades ahead of everyone else. We need to keep that data out of the wrong hands. We have secured a place for you within his cleaning staff. Do whatever you have to so that you gain his trust and secure that data.”

“Yes, sir.”

However, at that very moment, the Baroness was getting a similar briefing at Cobra HQ...

The two agents arrived on the island to find a very large high tech mansion. They made their way through a light rain shower to the side entrance where they were greeted by a disembodied female voice.

“I am Domaina! I run the household for Mister Materia. You may wait here as I summon him from the lab.”

Deep within the inventor's hidden lab, Domaina entered with a subservient bow. “Sir. The new maids are here. Biometrics have identified them as the Cobra agent codenamed Baroness and G.I.Joe operative Scarlett.” Mr. Materia's eyebrow raised in curiosity. “Have they been exposed to the new conversion prototypes yet?”

“Yes, sir.”

Back in the service hallway, Scarlett and Baroness were sizing each other up for a fight. Thankfully, Mr. Materia himself entered the hallway before any violence could occur.

“So you two are the new maids? I guess you’ll do. Domaina, will get these two started?”

“Yes, let’s get you two into your uniforms!”

With that, their street clothes dissolved into puddles around their feet and held them in place. Then the liquid started moving up their legs, quickly covering their bodies. Finally, the smart material solidified into rubber maid outfits.

Scarlet was in a black hobble dress with a blue apron and brim. Teetering up on ballet heels, Scarlet could fell the latex stocking under her dress. As she struggled against the skintight dress and arm-binder, her mouth was filled with a gag sporting a toilet brush extending out its front.

The Baroness, meanwhile, was in a short and frilly semi-transparent pink maid's outfit with a black trim. Her leg coverings included black latex stockings, a garter belt, and ballet heels cuffed together by a short chain. Her shoulders strained against the binder holding her arms behind her back and her protests were muffled by a gag with a feather dusted attached.

The skin of both agents shimmered... then reddened... before returning to normal.

Domaina enjoyed barking out their first orders. “Scarlett, there are six bathrooms in need of scrubbing. The first one is through the door to your right. Baroness, you will start in the lounge just ahead.”

Scarlett and Baroness replied with a united “Hmmph!” As they tried to speak, the gags grew larger and started secreting a foul tasting liquid.

“The gags will not return to normal size until you stop trying to talk. I can also administer punishments if you do not comply.”

What felt like a hard smack to each of their butts spurred the two latex clad maids to start their appointed tasks.

Several days later, Mr. Materia was making a very lucrative video call. “Good morning. Your payment was acceptable. I’m transferring the smart material data to you now. A pleasure doing business with you... Cobra Commander.” As one screen went dead, the brilliant scientist swivelled his chair to face a second screen for a call that'd been left on hold for several minutes now. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Sergeant Duke. As we'd previously agreed, I’m transferring the smart material data to you now. A pleasure doing business with you, Duke.”

Meanwhile, Scarlett and the Baroness were up stairs busily and happily cleaning the house.

Story by DDragon
Artwork by inksGirls

High resolution (3300x5100)

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