Rubber Storm Pony

Ororo Munroe (the famous hero otherwise known as " Storm") returned to the Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters after a trip to Wakanda and found a box labeled "R. Storm P. Uniform" sitting in front of her door. She took the box into her room, placing it on her bed. Once she finished unpacking, she got ready to freshen up after her long trip... which is when she remembered the package.

Upon opening it, she found a new uniform inside (much like her old solid white one) with a bottle of lotion and a note saying try on immediately. Storm was in no mood to try on a new uniform after such a long trip, but she couldn't help but sigh and resign herself to getting it over with. “The sooner I get this thing on, the sooner I can get it off and get cleaned up.”

She oiled up with the lotion and started to squeeze herself into the very tight fitting suit. The suit seemed to be made from very thin latex like material, forcing Ororo to be careful not to rip anything as she slipped her way inside the strange uniform. She worked her long, white hair through the hole in the back of the suit's attached hood and let it fall out into a nice and long pony tail. Storm drew the zipper the rest of the way up as she moved into the bathroom to find a full length mirror.

Stepping in front her bathroom mirror, Ororo went to smooth out any wrinkles left in the full body outfit... only to discover that there weren’t any. The latex clung to her every curve like a second skin. Turning from the mirror, she noticed that the latex was changing color, changing from a bright white to completely transparent. Well, completely transparent except for the "storm cloud" resting upon her right butt cheek.

She tried to run back to her bed room to get out of the outfit, but only succeeded in tripping over her own feet. The powerful mutant heroine looked down to see that her attached boots had transformed into pony hooves. Even as she tried to process this revelation, her gloves followed suit, forcing her hands to be pined to her shoulders by ever-changing ensemble.

Struggling to get to her feet, Storm called out for help. This, however, was cut short by a large gag being suddenly formed inside her mouth and around her head. Once upright again, Munroe found herself having trouble focusing. iI felt like her brain was being tightly wrapped in a latex suit of its own.

“Wow... look at my beautiful tail!”

The former superheroine marvelled at the sight of her brand new, long, and white pony tail as it swung back and forth from her behind. It was about the only other thought she could keep in her head except for “I am a pretty little pony.”

Story by DDragon
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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