Shibara Arcade

Mako was thrilled to tell her friends she'd be appearing on a popular Japanese game show; little did she know what she was in store for. After signing a consent form she was instructed on her first task which was to compete with other contestants to see who could endure the longest time inside a “special” arcade game at an iconic arcade in Tokyo's Akihabara district. This special arcade game would soon push Mako to her limits.

Make no mistake – this was no ordinary arcade game. Mako climbed inside the glass-encased boxed wearing only a bikini bottom and her best game face. A staff member suspended her with jute rope and tied her up delicately in final prep for the cameras and crowds. At last Mako was on display for the masses ready to take on the desires of those brave – or perhaps perverse enough – to poke and prod her by proxy using the machine's mechanical arm. A glove-like controller is hooked directly to the machine so players can conveniently pilot the mechanical arm.

Each player left their mark on Mako in a wide variety of methods. The first player immediately grabbed a paddle and whacked Mako several times on her ass cheek. The second player got his kicks by pinching her nipples with the mechanical pincers. The subsequent players tried to up the ante by using markers to write profanities on her soft skin and tickle her with a feather.

Mako was by far the winner of this episode, enduring an astonishing two hours and thirteen minutes of unfettered debauchery. Despite her high hopes, in the end she merely received an invitation to the game show's championship match – which surely won't be a walk in the park.

Story by J. Yubari
Artwork by Eudetenis

High resolution (1508x2000)

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