Slave Suit Acquired

Samus Aran was on a routine patrol mission for the Galactic Federation, checking the outer systems for pirate activity. She changed course to investigate a strange energy reading coming from an outlining plane called BD69SM.

Setting her ship down in a clearing, Samus made her way through the steaming hot jungle towards the energy readings. She was surprised to find a Chozo temple. After all, the Galactic Federation didn’t have any records of the Chozo settling this far out.

In the center of the small building, Samus found an upgrade chamber over grown with plant life. Normally, scanning the upgrade or the surrounding area yielded some information on what the upgrade did, but this time 'S]@>3 S_!t' was all the information she could collect. Samus reached her hand out and acquired the suit upgrade. Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted in to the air as a blinding white light filled the room.

Samus must have lost consciousness during the upgrade.

As she regained her senses, Samus realized that she could barley breath: there was something large and hard filling her mouth. She also couldn't move her legs or arms because they were painfully pined behind her back. She could feel the hot humid jungle air against her exposed skin, but her visor had turned completely black to block out all light. Samus began to struggle against what was holding her when the visor flicked to life, displaying the functions of her new upgrade: the SLAVE SUIT.

The information cycled through the suit’s features one by one, but Samus was not the one controlling the information. In fact, she was totally helpless as an unseen person tested each of the suit's options.

They removed the large phallus from Samus’s mouth, which made breathing easier, but the larger ring holding her mouth open made speaking impossible. However, this did not stop Samus from trying. A stream of unintelligible sound and drool was all that escaped from her mouth. This was met with laughter from her captor.

Next, she heard the beeping of a Slave trainer collar powering up and sending electrical pulses throughout her body, which only compounded the growing pain in her shoulders. Both of her arms were being held in a very strict 'reverse prayer' position by her once trusted arm cannon.

All that remained of her body armor was a corset crushing her waist, the top of which had several options for her breasts: first hanging freely, then pushed up and together, and finally tightly squeezed at the base.

The next items Samus’s captor checked were the very large vaginal and anal plugs. Initially, they activated some very pleasurable vibrations that quickly sent Samus towards orgasm. Then some equally painful electrical shocks followed, bringing her crashing back to reality. Satisfied with the performance of the plugs, Samus' unknown tormentor removed the vaginal and anal plugs, the electromagnetic thigh cuffs holding Samus’s legs far apart. All the while, Samus was teetering atop ballet style boots being held apart by electromagnetic cuffs at her ankles.

Once all the dildos were reinserted, the polarity of the electromagnetic cuffs was reversed. Instead of holding her legs and feet apart, they began being pulled together, stopping with her feet a few inches apart.

Once all the features of the Slave Suit had been full tested, the display disappeared... leaving Samus in total blackness.

She then felt the sharp tug of a leash that had been attached to her collar. Samus slowly moved to follow, leading her off to god knows where.

Story by DDragon
Artwork by Altercomics-Pepe Luis

High resolution (2219x3200)

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