Strong Bonds for Strong Women

'Mmmmmpgghhh' came out of the girl's mouth as she gave another yank on her inescapable bonds.

Korra had no idea how long she had been in this position as she hadn't seen sunlight or anything to give her a sense of time in what felt like years. 'Mmmpphggghfhf' Korra mumbled unintelligibly into her gag. The only effect was more drool coming out of her mouth and running down her chin. 'There has to be a way out of this' Korra thought, 'there just had to be!'

As she started to try to think of a plan another wave of pleasure hit her due to the vibrator that was buzzing away, causing her to moan and shake which in turn caused the nipple clamps to swing about and release another wave of moans and annoyance.

It had been like this for hours. This horrible cycle that she couldn't break free of. If only these damned distractions would stop, then she could focus on getting out. Because of the toys attached to her most sensitive spots, Korra could only resort to heaving her sweaty body as much as she could (which to anyone watching was barely noticeable) and mutter almost inaudibly into her rubber gag.

Erza wasn't faring any better with her circumstances. She was also unable to move but had gotten unluckier with her gag. She had a full harness with a much bigger ball gag that really made the drool pour out of her mouth. Her jaw was aching from it and she was unable to open her mouth much more due to the straps keeping her mouth closed around it.

As much as she had tried, she was unable to communicate with the other women who shared her peril as they were both gagged and couldn't even look at each other. Like Korra, she was also unable to do much thinking due to the hidden vibrator and the nipple clamps that swung like crazy.

To make things worse, her toe ties put her constantly off balance and made it so that she couldn't make any small adjustments, forcing her to hop to regain her balance. This pulled on her crotch rope more, which was generally very tiring.

'Mmmphhmmfhuck' Erza let out as another jolt of pleasure (followed quickly by pain) hit her, resulting in her losing her train of thought and chewing on the hard rubber between her teeth.

The collar around her neck had some sort of talisman that prevented her from using her magic, effectively making her an ordinary woman, a fact which, whenever she thought about it, only made her more embarrassed and angry.

Both women went through wave of pain and pleasure, all while continuously drooling, pulling on their bindings, talking and moaning through their gags. They still had fire in them and continued to struggle with whatever energy they could muster, but garnered little success.

They both slowly realized that they would have to sit in these infernal positions until whoever was holding them captive came back...

Story by halocat2
Artwork by Altercomics-Giribaldi

High resolution (2122x3200)

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