Tangled Ivy

After a long day of making angles cry, Bayonetta stopped off for a drink at the gates of hell only to find Rodin missing and the bar completely trashed. Finding evidence that the lumen sages were behind the attack, Bayonetta headed to the store room to gear up before heading out for some payback. However, the sages had found most of her equipment and destroyed it, only leaving behind her Shurada sword. Bayonetta gathered up what was left of her other weapons and set out to find someone that could repair or replace them.

Later that day, Enzo told Bayonetta about a powerful Alchemist that could make living weapons, but added that she lived in another world. Bayonetta’s search led her to a Victorian mansion in a war-torn world she had never seen before.

Entering the mansion, Bayonetta soon came face to face with its owner: Miss Valentine (or, as she is more commonly known as, Ivy). Sensing the umbra witch's dark energy, Ivy draws her sword and attacks without mercy. A fierce battle ensues. However, after making liberal use of 'witch time', Bayonetta made quick work of Ivy and used what was left of the Kulshedra whip to hogtie the beaten fighter.

Bayonetta then took a moment to relax in an overstuffed arm chair nearby.

“Here’s the deal darling. I am not your enemy. I just need you to fix my weapons, and then I’ll be on my way. Now, you are going to stay bound up until you agree to help.”

Story by DDragon
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (2480x3508)

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