The Artist's Prize 2

"Ughhhh... please, mistress... let me cummm!!!" Rinko Iori heard these words as Nova squirmed and bucked under the intense treatment her brand new mistress was giving her. After having been teased to innumerable orgasms, her mistress Iori decided that Nova needed more to seduce her new pet to stay.

Being so weak from the orgasms, Nova had had no means to resist when she felt her wrists and ankles get cuffed. She was also too weak to muster much of a reaction when she heard the sound of a crank being turned and her felt her body being gently lifted into the air. Replacing her leather straps were the silkiest ropes that Nova had ever felt against her body. She was in a cage of tight silk ropes. She could feel them snaking their way between her cheeks, acting like a g-string. She'd never thought that a shy, cute, nerdy girl like her would ever be ravished by a woman as sensual as Rinko.

"Oh, my dear Nova, you will cum when I want you to..." was her reply.

It was going to be a long vacation for Nova.

Story by 1pj
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (5100x3300)

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