The Gagtress: Wheels of Fire

If you are a film producer or director and your female star didn’t want to do a bondage scene, there was a woman on the top of every casting director’s Rolodex: Vera Estlin (or, as her business card said, the 'Gagtress').

The nickname started as a joke after a string of movies in which Vera hardly said a word as she performed numerous stunts as a kidnapped heiress, a captured spy, and a sexy but bound and triple-gagged super heroine. Maybe Vera didn’t talk much in those movies, but casting directors took notice of her stunning beauty and courage as she performed the most dangerous and sensual bondage scenes ever, hiring her again and again. The nickname stuck and Vera used it to her benefit.

Movies featuring sexy bondage were getting more popular every day, but timid actresses frequently refused to take on those roles. That created a niche that Vera filled nicely with her double D breasts and 'will-do-anything' attitude.

Unknown to many, Vera had done a couple of bondage videos before moving to Hollywood to start working as a stunt woman. Now she could combine her two passions: movies and bondage.

Her latest film was a remake of a trashy B-movie from the 80’s called 'Wheels of Fire'. The original was a post apocalyptic movie that some producer had bought the rights to for pennies just because he liked the title and (like in most remakes) decided to change almost everything else. The film now had a contemporary setting (the producer wanted to compete with the 'Fast and Furious' franchise), the punk mutants of the original film were now just a gang of car thieves, and the male hero was cut to make the protagonist a female undercover cop that was trying to bust a female slavery ring in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Yes, the script would be unrecognizable to the few people that rented the original film from a crappy video store way back in the day, but there was one scene that would not only would be repeated in the new version, it would take a much larger amount of screen time and require a much heftier budget, a creative decision both the producer and the director had insisted upon.

The scene that many fetishists on the Internet loved so much would be filmed today at dawn, and to do the scene right they had to hire the best. The Gagtress.

Observing the setup was Cathy Pears, the singer with long black hair and huge breasts that would made her debut with this film as the heroine Arlin. Today’s stunt may be too dangerous for her, but she insisted on watching how it was done (even if the filming would be done at a time when she was getting ready to sleep after a night of parties and jet-set excess).

She was not alone either. The set was full of people interested in what would be happening in the next few minutes. Word had gone out and the anticipation could be felt in the air. All eyes were directed to the unremarkable aluminum door of a small trailer.

From the makeup trailer finally emerged Vera, already wearing the knee high boots, fishnets, leather corset, and thong required by Cathy’s character. She looked so much like Cathy that even the singer was surprised, as she and Vera had not met until that day. As part of her “costume”, Vera was topless, her full breasts being admired by all of the men (and most of the women) on set. Even Cathy caught herself fantasizing about how it would feel to have hot lesbian sex with a woman who could be her double.

The stunt woman simply smiled. She was a pro and very proud of her body, but she was more interested in setting up the scene with the stunt coordinator and the other crew members than the predictable filthy thoughts of those that devoured her with their eyes.

It was time to get serious.

The bondage started when Vera applied metal cuffs to her wrists. Meanwhile, Lola, her 25 year old blonde assistant, fixed the cuffs for her ankles.

Lola was the rigger. Her job in every film that featured Vera was to tie her as tight as possible. Despite her young age, she was one of the most respected riggers in America and she still worked tying up beautiful ladies in bondage videos whenever she was not traveling around the world with Vera.

After the cuffs were secured, a black 2017 Mustang car was brought in. It had not been modified too much (as Ford was a sponsor and the car needed to be recognizable), but a camera-crane combo had already been installed at the top of the car to film Vera’s close-ups. Vera posed her curvaceous body over the hood of the Mustang while Lola tied her her arms and legs with chains in a “spread eagle” position. After she was done, Vera was as much a part of the car as the hood itself.

“Help, I can’t get up” joked Vera to relive the sexual tension that she felt in all the eyes that were fixed on her sexy predicament. One pair of eyes was especially mesmerized by what she was seeing.

Cathy Pears decided in that moment that she would have sex with Vera that night, in costume and with plenty blinds and gags. Oh yes. She would pay anything to see it done, and she had enough money to convince anyone to do anything... or so she liked to think.

Meanwhile, only one item remained to complete Vera’s costume. A big red ball gag that Lola already had on her left hand. “Make it tight!” Vera whispered with a smile, but it was a message that was unnecessary. Lola already intended to make it as tight as possible.

For realism, of course.

“Mmmff! MMMfff!” said Vera to a particular extra that was literally drooling while watching her. After Lola did a final check of the chains, she signalled that they were ready. The trio of the producer, director, and stunt coordinator checked the chains. Only one of them was really working, but Vera didn’t mind. She may have been bound, but Vera was still the one in control of all of them.

The weather conditions were perfect for filming in the Golden Mile, the heart of San Juan’s business district. Usually always busy during normal hours, theroads had been cleared that Sunday for the filming of this scene. After everything was set, it was time for the director to scream.


The Mustang roared and started moving. Vera was at ease, but looked terrified (as was required for the part). Several cameras covered all the required angles for the shot. The Mustang started gaining speed. Most of the crew couldn't move their eyes away from the black car and its gagged passenger, while the rest simply watched through the monitors' live feed.

As the car cruised at 80 miles per hour, the chained Vera couldn’t help but smile behind her gag. She would do this for free if they had only asked! What a rush!

Story by Queospera
Artwork by Altercomics-Churin

High resolution (7134x5000)

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