The Reception

Katy decides to play the docile prisoner. They reach Judy's room. The captive sees a single glove lying on the bed. This means that she will be freed from these horrible shackles but her ankles will remain chained.

"Take her gag off, we'll change it too."

Freed from the gag and the metal yoke, the captive tries to punch Sylvie in the stomach, but her opponent parries the attack easily. The unfortunate young woman finds herself lying on her stomach with her nose against the ground, arms twisted behind her back, barely able to wiggle her chained legs. Judy puts her foot on the chains of the prisoner's ankles, blocking her disorderly and useless movements.

"Now you will calm down and let us put on your glove. Unless you prefer to taste a whip."

Katy obeys.

Judy removes her foot from the chain, then squats down to encase her sister's arms and hands in a single glove which she closes with a long lace. She carefully ties the lace and tightens it until the two parts of the glove overlap. The prisoner is allowed to stand up painfully. She finds her hands placed above each other in contact with her buttocks, her fingers immobilized.

The two women examine the infernal garment. "We must tighten the lace even more."

"You're right."

But Katy begs them not to. "No, it's already very tight! It's painful!"

"If you speak again without authorization, I'm gagging you again."

Katy, ashamed, lowers her head.

"GOOD. Now we will tighten this glove. If you try anything to oppose it, your butt will only burn more."

The captive, helpless, feels the glove tightening on her hands and arms. She holds back moans of pain and rage, aware of the pleasure they would give her torturers.

"You were well-behaved. That's good. Very good. To reward you, we are going to give you a nice necklace."

Judy brandishes a leather collar from which hangs a long strip of leather.

"No, you're not going to put me on a leash yet!"

"What did I tell you about talking and protesting without permission?"

"Sorry, Judy."

WHACK! The prisoner receives a violent whipping on the buttocks.

"Who allowed you to call me by my first name, slave?!"

"But you are my sister!"

"Katy was my sister... but you are Amy. A little plague who tried to deceive our family."

"No. You're wrong."

"The sooner you accept that your name is Amy, the sooner your situation will improve."

"You will never succeed."

"You're right Sylvie, it's easier to gag her."

The prisoner doesn't even try to protest and lets Judy fix the ball gag between her lips. Lead by a leash, she follows her jailors obediently. Judy and Sylvie make no effort to appreciate the difficulties of moving with chained feet. Katy tries to guess where she is being taken.

Eventually, she understands that she is being led to one of the antechambers in a large living room. His gag is removed. The door is open. Katy lets out a cry of rage and fear when she sees a cage waiting for her inside the room.

Story by Gwenboyfriend
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2025x3150)

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