The Thong of Virtue

One day, Cleo was walking through an apothecary shop to pick up medication for her pig of a stepfather when an unfortunate thought occurred to her. Looking through all the potions and magic relics, Cleo had thought that with just one relic she could have the power to change her life. She slipped a small box into her bag before collecting her stepfather’s medication from Maven.

Back at home, Cleo opened the box and found a very small pair of panties. She turned the small, silky undergarment over in her hands a few times before putting them on. A shiver ran down her spine as the smooth cloth settled between her but cheeks. Cleo held her breath and waited for the relic to activate... but nothing happened. Frustrated and tired, Cleo put on a simple night shirt and went to bed.

That night, Cleo’s dreams were very erotic. She awoke during the night, short of breath and with a crushing pain in her chest. Cleo removed her sleepwear to find that the relic had changed from a tiny thong to a full corset and collar. The once warm, soft cloth had transformed into cold and unforgiving metal, her breasts bulging over the top of the corset with every strained breath and the metal passing between her breasts now covering her pussy and ass completely. Cleo’s waist was also reduced by several inches and the room was lit by the glowing red gems set in the corset.

Still not feeling any magic power emanating from the relic, Cleo tried to return to sleep... only to be reawakened by Maven standing over her bed.

“Honestly, Cleo, did you think you could steal from me?"

“Maven, I-I’m…”

“Silence, child. It’s almost karmic that the village’s biggest tease would end up with the thong of chastity. What you are currently wearing is a very powerful relic that transfers energy from the wearer to the owner. Don’t worry, it won’t kill you. Quite the opposite, in fact. It will keep you very much alive and forever frustrated, and all your pent-up lust energy will be given to me instead. Come along, dear. You belong to me now."

Story by DDragon
Artwork by Enroc Studio

High resolution (2893x4092)

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