The True Slayer

Shortly after a true drag out wizard battle between two of the strongest sorceresses in the world, despite the sure power being thrown around, the two are still petty and thinking small about their rivalry.

"Is this really my reputation around here? Where my name can be co-opted by some second rate flame sorceress?"

"Rrnh! Hhf nnm!"

"How could someone possibly compare you to me? That Dragon Slave was pathetic."


"Ugh, we don't even look alike... if only though, huh? Why do I keep bumping into second-string sorceresses with bigger boobs than me!?"

"Ymm mmrblm mmrm! Ffrrm mmm nnh rrrngm ymm mmhlf!"

"Oh, forget it. I've proven I'm the best so I don't need to linger around here any longer. Look into picking up a new title, I don't want your reputation to keep reflecting that poorly on me."


Story by Hoshino
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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