Time in a Bottle

Sara and Zari woke up in strange tubes struggling to get their bearings.

“Where am I? What is going on? Where are my clothes? The last thing I remember... I was on the Waverider, working on the ship's systems when there was a bright flash... then nothing... until now.”

They were getting a limited amount of air through the hoses filling their mouths, effectively gagging them. They were also both naked and floating in a strange liquid with their arms and legs held in place by very sturdy chains. Sara struggled with all her might to break free from the chains holding her. Zari focused on a computer screen near her tank.

"Milking cycle starts in 3… 2… 1… Milking…"

Sara and Zari moaned into their gags as the machine started to suck on their nipples. The two watched in amazement as milk started to flow from their breasts. Sara renewed her struggle. Zari noticed how much larger their breasts were. As the milk flowed, the computer screen changed.

"Feeding cycle starts in 3… 2… 1..."

A nasty tasting and thick substance was pumped into their mouths. Despite the taste, they both choked it all down as fast as they could so that they could catch a few quick breathes alongside their force feeding. A mixture of vital nutrients, vitamins... and a large dose of lactose educing hormones. After a short time, the feeding pump stopped and none too soon they felt like their stomachs were about to burst. The screen changed again.

"Waste extraction starting in 3… 2… 1…"

Zari tried to brace herself for what she was sure would be an unpleasant experience. Sara stopped fighting her bonds suddenly when the machine started sucking the waste out from their bodies through the hoses connected to drain plugs in their butts.

Milk flowed from their breasts the entire time.

Finally, the pumps shut down. Both women remained secured in their tubes. As they recovered, two men wheeled in a series of tanks into the room. Some were full and others were empty. Both Sara and Zari thrashed wildly in their cuffs and screamed into the respective gag\air hose in an attempt to get the men to release them. Ignoring their pleas, the men set about their tasks. The oldest one accessed the computer connected to Zari’s tube as the other waited nearby. The machine hissed as the various pipes leading from her tube disconnected from tanks that had previously gone unnoticed by the captured women. The younger man replaced the tanks filled with milk (as well as the one filled with waste) with empty ones before also refilling the food tanks. Then they repeated the process with Sara’s tanks. The men spoke as they left.

“Why are we doing this again?”

“For the money.”

“Yeah, but why does the boss want milk from those two women? I mean, there are easier ways to get milk.”

“I heard it has something to do with extracting temporal energy absorbed by the body during time travel so the boss can stay young forever, but that could just be total B.S. and the boss is just really kinky.”

“So... see you same time next week?”


Story by DDragon
Artwork by Joseph Caesar S.D.

High resolution (2200x3400)

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