Wedding Secret

"Here comes the bride!"

The song filled the church as Pam slowly moved down the aisle on what was supposed to be the greatest day of her life... but her best friend and maid of honor, Lauren, had betrayed her. She and the other bridesmaids were over Pam's diva attitude about her marrying into a wealthy family. So they'd gotten her drunk the night before, tied her to her hotel bed, and called Dwight (Jack's best man) to come to the hotel and fuck the tipsy, bound bride-to-be. After taking dozens of photos, they explained to Pam that she would now be the group's slave or they would publish the photos of her cheating onto social media.

When they helped her get dressed for her wedding, they first bound her breasts with leather straps and stuffed her holes with dildos (which they then secured into place with a chastity belt). Then they yanked an impossibly tight rubber skirt/garter betl over her legs and hips, hobbling her stride. A frilly white leather collar was fastened around her neck, her damp panties from the night of forced sex stuffed into her mouth and strapped in with a white ball gag, white straps buckled around her head, and bright red lipstick carefully painted on. A thicker-than-normal veil draped over the helpless bride's face hid her predicament... but not her panicked, tear-filled eyes. The guests would assume she was just nervous. Her hands were lashed together with white handcuffs and rope, holding her bouquet in front of her waist so that no one could see her bonds.

The guests thought it was a little unusual that the bride was being escorted down the aisle by her maid of honor and the best man, but they had no clue that it was the best man's job to hold Pam steady as she hobbled down the aisle and to keep her from escaping.

Lauren's job? To hold Pam's other arm... but also to ride the controls of the remote she held discretely in her other hand. The remote that flipped on and dialled up the raging vibrators that were now pushing the poor bride to the brink of a knee-buckling orgasm in front of her family, friends, and fiancee.

Story by The Riderq
Artwork by Jose Rod Mota

High resolution (3300x5100)

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